God Laughs & 42 More Surprising Facts About God That Will Change Your Life

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Did you know that God sings? There are many things God does that you may not have thought about ever before--and the more we know, the better we can respond to Him. God sees. God winks. God hears. He cries, He waits, and He runs. He is jealous and gets angry. He smiles, frowns, and laughs! Reflecting on the attributes and activities of God is the best way to become like Him. In God Laughs, Elmer Towns and Charles Billingsley invite the reader to deeply consider God's character and qualities. They contend that it's only as we get to know Him that we can become more like Him, and it's only when we glimpse God for who He is that we can worship Him in Spirit and in truth. Readers are challenged to dig deeply into Scripture, where God reveals that He has a heart . . . and a nose . . . and that He whistles!

The Authors

  1. Elmer L. Towns

    Elmer L. Towns

    Elmer L. Towns (www.elmertowns.com) is dean emeritus of the School of Religion and Theological Seminary at Liberty University, which he cofounded in 1971 with Jerry Falwell. He continues to teach the Pastor's Bible Class at Thomas Road Baptist Church each...

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  2. Charles Billingsley

    Charles Billingsley

    CHARLES BILLINGSLEY's accomplished career has included a two-year tenure as lead vocalist for the award-winning vocal group Newsong and a lengthy list of performances (more than 2,500 concerts) across the nation and beyond. He currently serves as the worship...

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