For the Life of the World

Theology That Makes a Difference

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The question of what makes a life worth living is more vital now than ever. In today's pluralistic, post-secular world, universal values are dismissed as mere matters of private opinion, and the question of what constitutes a flourishing life--for ourselves, our neighbors, and the planet as a whole--is neglected in our universities, our churches, and our culture at large. Although we increasingly have the technology to do almost anything, we have little sense of what is truly worth accomplishing.

In this provocative new contribution to public theology, world-renowned theologian Miroslav Volf (named "America's New Public Intellectual" by Scot McKnight on his Jesus Creed blog) and Matthew Croasmun explain that the intellectual tools needed to rescue us from our present malaise and meet our new cultural challenge are the tools of theology. A renewal of theology is vital to help us articulate compelling visions of the good life, find our way through the maze of contested questions of value, and answer the fundamental question of what makes a life worth living.

The Authors

  1. Miroslav Volf

    Miroslav Volf

    Miroslav Volf (DrTheol, University of Tübingen) is the Henry B. Wright Professor of Theology at Yale Divinity School and founding director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture in New Haven, Connecticut. He has written more than twenty books,...

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  2. Matthew Croasmun

    Matthew Croasmun

    Matthew Croasmun (PhD, Yale University) is associate research scholar and director of the Life Worth Living Program at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture. He is also staff pastor at the Elm City Vineyard Church.

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"My most anticipated book of the spring is For the Life of the World."

C. Christopher Smith,

Englewood Review of Books