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Awakening Courage to Overcome Your Fears

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"Kelly shows us how we can overcome our greatest fears by developing the tenacious courage of a fear fighter who knows how to throw a strong faith punch!"--Renee Swope, author of A Confident Heart
We all live with fear. It hangs around, whispering in our ears, reminding us of all we can't do or will never be. But that's not the end of the story. We also have a God who draws close to say, Fear not. I am with you. This Spirit transforms us into fear fighters--women breaking free of trepidation to find bold dedication to God's peace-, purpose-, and joy-filled callings.

With remarkable compassion born from personal experience, Kelly Balarie shows women how to

· Cultivate unstoppable faith by harnessing God's Word and promptings
· Usher in lasting peace through prayers that reduce panic, blood pressure, and stress
· Discover clear and immediate action plans to exchange worry for God's greatest gifts
· Implement daily bravery decrees to stand armed throughout the day
· Participate in a twelve-week study guide to foster new courageous habits
Kelly pulls back the curtain of fear so you can find the beautiful woman God created you to be.
"Kelly does a beautiful job weaving her own personal story with the transforming truth of God's Word, inviting women to come out of hiding and step into the fullness of their identity as daughters of the King."--Kyle Zimmerman, lead pastor, Mariners Church Irvine

Kelly Balarie has lived her subject matter. Her faith was built as she battled through an eating disorder, depression, serious health concerns, company failures, family tragedies, job losses, and times without income. Throughout it all, Kelly has looked past the pain to pursue God's always-unfolding plan. Kelly is a featured blogger at Crosswalk.com and iBelieve.com. Her work has been featured on Relevant, (in)courage.me, and Today's Christian Woman. She lives with her husband and two toddlers near the sun-soaked shores of the East Coast.


"Through personal health struggles, job losses, financial and relational downfalls, and painful circumstances, Kelly Balarie got knocked down by fear and learned how to get up with God's strength. In Fear Fighting, Kelly shows us how we can overcome our greatest fears by developing the tenacious courage of a fear fighter who knows how to throw a strong faith punch! Through fear-busting challenges filled with life-changing truths, Fear Fighting will help you identify and overcome the most common fear-triggers of control, people pleasing, worry, comparison, competition, waiting, rejection, opposition, and pain from your past. With powerful stories, personal assessments, and practical strategies including a twelve-week fear-fighting group or individual study challenge, you will be empowered to live your life with passion, purpose, and an unstoppable, contagious faith!"

Renee Swope, author of A Confident Heart

"I believe deeply that every person is designed passionately and purposefully by their loving heavenly Father. In her book, Kelly does a beautiful job weaving her own personal story with the transforming truth of God's Word, inviting women to come out of hiding and step into the fullness of their identity as daughters of the King."

Kyle Zimmerman, lead pastor, Mariners Church Irvine

"My friend Kelly Balarie has earned a reputation online as an encourager, a fear-fighter, and a cheerleader for women across the USA. Now she brings that same voice to the pages of Fear Fighting, leading women to a place where they can find the courage to let go of fear and hold tight to Jesus."

Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of The Happiness Dare and Love Idol

"Fear Fighting by Kelly Balarie is one of the most thorough and helpful books there is on the subject of fear. You'll sigh with relief as you read her first words in the introduction where she admits that she doesn't have this down. Kelly doesn't just say, 'Hey, stop being fearful because God said so!' No, she is in a continual pursuit to battle fear and infuse truth into her own life. And she wants you to do the same. This book is chock-full of practical tips and applications for you to begin working on, including a twelve-week study that will really help you dive in. If you've allowed too much of your life not to be lived because fear has plagued you, this is your book. I'd buy it today."

Cindy Beall, speaker and author of Rebuilding a Marriage Better Than New

"Fear Fighting is a love letter. It's a love letter from the hand of God to the soul of every world-weary woman who longs to know she's more than her pant size. Kelly Balarie writes with transparency and tenderness, providing practical advice with timely anecdotes. A treasure of a book bound to undo you and bring you home into the heart of the Father."

Emily T. Wierenga, founder of The Lulu Tree and author of Atlas Girl and Making It Home, www.emilywierenga.com

"With beautiful honesty, Kelly Balarie shares important lessons she's learned in her journey from fear to faith. God wants to make fear fighters--and fear vanquishers--of us all!"

Joanna Weaver, author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

"I spent a lot of my life being afraid . . . of the dark, of things I didn't understand, of being hurt . . . and then one day, some of the things I feared most actually happened . . . and somehow I was still ok. There were so many years spent fighting fear until I eventually realized that it's true, the perfect love of God really does cast out fear. These days I find myself more curious than afraid because I know the heart of God for me isn't to live in fear, it's to fight it off with the courage found in Him. Kelly Balarie is a prayer warrior, a woman who knows how to do battle in the places where it matters most, and I know from personal experience that in that place she hears the voice of the Lord clearly. I'm thrilled for you, dear reader, to enter the journey with her from living in fear to walking in courage to be the conqueror you were created to be."

Logan Wolfram, speaker and author of Curious Faith: Rediscovering Hope in the God of Possibility

"If you're tired of allowing fear to boss and toss you around and you're ready to grow in the peace God has for you, then hang out with Kelly Balarie in the chapters of this book. Through stories and Scriptures, Kelly will challenge and inspire you to take new risks of faith that will lead you to the confidence you long for. A courage that's deeply rooted in the strength of Jesus."

Gwen Smith, author of I Want It All and Broken Into Beautiful, and cofounder of Girlfriends in God

"Kelly had me laughing, crying, and identifying with every chapter in Fear Fighting! She likely will have you doing the same. In Fear Fighting, Kelly Balarie teaches us to identify, call out, and overcome the fear inducers of life. With vulnerability and grace, Kelly leads us to the only overcoming power available to humankind, trust in Jesus Christ alone. If you have ever struggled with the kind of fear that seeks to derail, demolish, or destroy you or those you love, this book will awaken you to know and walk in divine courage."

Jan Greenwood, pastor of Pink, Gateway Women and author of Women at War

"In her book Fear Fighting, Kelly pinpoints an intriguing aspect of our culture today. Many are trapped in fear and brokenness, but not without hope. Kelly presents a beautiful guide, steeped in God's Word, on how to break free and move forward in faith toward God's perfect plan for your life."

Micca Campbell, national speaker and author of An Untroubled Heart

"In spite of everything--our failures, our fears, our worries, our attempted control of our own lives--God loves us. He adores us. And if you don't believe me, read Kelly Balarie's Fear Fighting. You'll walk away believing that God is on your side. That you're not in the battle alone. Kelly is known as a 'cheerleader of faith,' but she isn't just standing there shouting 'Yea, God!' This is a woman whose stories are exuberant and passionate and hopeful--because she knows what she's talking about. She has lived with fear, faced countless challenges, and learned that God is the answer to it all. I think every single one of us can benefit from her encouraging insights and practical tips. In fact, as I was reading, I kept jotting down the names of people who should read this. And you might as well add your own name to the list, because there's something in here for you. I'm sure of it!"

Kelly O'Dell Stanley, author of Praying Upside Down and Designed to Pray

"Kelly Balarie is a passionate writer with big love for her readers. She speaks with conviction, compassion, and a keen understanding of what prevents our best life possible with God. If you've ever struggled with fear--who hasn't?--and you need a motivating nudge in the right direction, this book is for you. Whether your biggest obstacles are mental or physical, Fear Fighting can help you persevere and faithfully confront your challenges by relying on the unlimited strength of the Holy Spirit and the ultimate power of God."

Kari Kampakis, blogger and author of Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For? and 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know

"Kelly Balarie writes with courage and honesty. Inviting new perspectives on the work of the Holy Spirit and our role in God's kingdom-building, she takes her shoes off for the holy and invites us to do the same. Blending Scripture, prayers, stories, and a poetic voice, Kelly reminds us how beloved we are of God and how God uses us mightily in the places we see as weaknesses. With creativity and passion, Kelly takes us on journeys of hope and redemption so we can be free to live into all that God has for each of us."

Dr. Heather Wright, executive director of Greenwich Center for Hope and Renewal, licensed professional counselor, author of Redeeming Eve and Small Group Leadership as Spiritual Direction, and coauthor of Sacred Stress: A

"Put on your boxing gloves and get ready to punch fear in the face. Filled with biblical truth, Balarie's words remind us that God's great love empowers us to live life to the fullest and leave fear in the dust."

Jill Lynn Buteyn, coauthor of Just Show Up

"Armed with the truth of God's Word, Kelly Balarie's book is one that should be savored chapter by chapter. With the study guide, it is especially valuable to women's Bible studies, community groups, and local gatherings. The content, depth, and personal relevance make the vague idea of fear fighting applicable."

Sue Stuart, teaching director of Community Bible Study, Westport, Connecticut

"There is agonizing fear, annoying fear, gut-wrenching fear, and everything in between--and author Kelly Balarie has survived each side of it. Kelly gets real about the negative impact of fear and worry. She offers a process and support for those in the fear-fighting battle to help them find hope and peace. An excellent read!"

Courtney DeFeo, author of In This House, We Will Giggle and founder of Lil Light O' Mine

"Fuel your spirit through the fearless and tangible encouragement of Kelly Balarie as she leads you on a journey to demolish fear. This book will inspire you to stop hiding behind your excuses and step into the treasure of God's calling on your life. You will soon find you are not alone. With God on your side and a new community of fear-fighting friends, nothing is impossible!"

Angela Craig, director of the NWMN Women in Ministry and author of Pivot Leadership: Small Steps . . . Big Change

"Kelly gives us permission to stop pretending, stop running, stop faking--and instead live authentically and honesty. She encourages us to risk being vulnerable with ourselves, with God, and with others in order to let the Lord step in, heal our past, and awaken us in courage to fight the stronghold of fear. She challenges us to bond together in love and move forward boldly together to make an impact for the Lord and be the change-makers He designed us to be. This book is an inspiration every person needs to read!"

Nikki Carlson, cofounder of ChicBuds and ChicExecs

"Kelly is a champion for women, and with this book she will take your hand and walk with you into battle--against fear, against anxiety, against the enemy. If you struggle to be as brave as you want to be and as free as you were made to be, Fear Fighting is the tool you need."

Mary Carver, coauthor of Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose When Life Hurts

"Through the truths and relatable stories Kelly gives us in Fear Fighting, we gain hope for the battle and practical ways to fight it. Kelly's voice is so familiar that you will feel like you are sitting down with a best friend as you read this book. The best part is that you will feel like this friend is for you: that she understands whatever you might tell her, that she has been there too, and that she wants to go to battle with you."

Kathryn Maack, fellowship women's pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock, Arkansas

"Fear Fighting is an honest and brave gift to readers. Kelly's heart for women to be set free from fears' limitations bleeds through every page. This book is for anyone desiring an action plan to kick fear to the curb."

Lisa Bishop, director of women's leadership development and women's ministry, Park Community Church

"In her book Fear Fighting, author and self-confessed fearer Kelly Balarie grabs us by the heart and invites us to journey to places of truth where God delights to stir hope. With unmistakable authenticity, she exposes the soul cracks of our cluttered, broken lives shaken with fear, shame, and hiding and flings open windows of faith toward a view of a Spirit-led life of boldness. This is easily a book I can and will recommend to women who long to move into God's courageous vision for them."

Jan Kern, author, speaker, life coach, and founder of Voice of Courage, www.voiceofcourag.org

"Fear Fighting is a message from God's own heart. It exposes the lies we've been believing for way too long and reminds us that the truth is better than we could have ever imagined. Be prepared to find new hope and strength as you become a fear fighter too!"

Susan Pettrey, women's ministry director, The Brooklyn Tabernacle

"Fear Fighting shines a spotlight on everyday insecurities that women are afraid to say out loud (i.e., Why didn't she answer my text?) and life-gripping fears as well. As Kelly Balarie takes you on her journey of fighting fears using proclamations, Scripture, and practical daily helps, you'll realize after the first riveting chapter that it's becoming your own personal journey. A journey that will bring new life to dead places and victory instead of defeat. A must-read for any woman who is honest enough to admit that fighting fear requires a power greater than herself and intentional application of truth!"

Debbie Hopper, director of women's ministry, Seacoast Church, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

"Kelly's laughter-infused conversation pulls back the cloak of fear to reveal the schemes of the enemy who seeks to destroy us and the One who will equip us, walk with us, stand with us, and hold us while we cry--Jesus. If you need a shot of courage to fight back against the enemy, you will find it here in Kelly's book."

Shanelle Wagner, minister to women, First Denton Church, Denton, Texas

"In two words, this book is nothing less than fresh revelation from heaven. Kelly Balarie has brought to light a contemporary and relevant perspective on an age-old battle--fighting our deepest fears. In these pages we discover that we're in a winnable war. So read this life manual from cover to cover! Drink in its wisdom and supernatural strategies. Then watch your fears run and hide. See your faith in our Father rise to new heights. Fear Fighting is a wonderful and powerful addition to the libraries of people looking for heavenly ammunition against what is often our most sinister earthly enemy."

Marlinda Ireland, DMin, writer, speaker, and cofounder of Christ Church

"Kelly has the gift of speaking Holy Spirit-saturated words into fear spaces. Her passion and honesty carry a courageous momentum as though you are reading spoken word. You can't help but be swept up in the sheer bravery of her voice. Upon turning the final page of Fear Fighting, you will experience a newfound purpose, peace, and confidence in your created self."

Bekah Jane Pogue, speaker and author of Choosing Real

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