Faith and the Modern Family

How to Raise a Healthy Family in a "Modern Family" World

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Today's families are big on commitment but short on time. We are inundated with enticing technology, an abundance of activities, and too many events to count. There doesn't seem to be much family time left, does there? With our schedules overflowing and anxiety weighing us down, how do we find family balance and connect with each other? How do we raise healthy families in the midst of our modern world?

In Faith and the Modern Family, Craig Jutila offers sound advice for today's modern family and today's modern parents! Craig will guide you through the steps of setting a healthy life pace for your family, including setting priorities, modeling the behavior you want from your children, and planning for your family's future. Also included are downloadable resources--such as "Four Steps on Your Faith Journey" and "Rules for Maintaining a Healthy Social Media Account"--that you can use again and again.

With faith and some expert advice, you can stay connected to your modern family in a healthy way!


Years ago, parents watched Little House on the Prairie; today, it's Modern Family. You need to read this book if you're a parent in these crazy, modern times. From dealing with bad behavior to guidance on carving out time for what's most important, from protecting your child online to helping them find their purpose, this book is filled with humor, 'I've been there' stories, and biblical principles that will guide your modern family towards God's best--even in our broken world.

John Trent, PhD, president,

Craig masterfully navigates the fine line between theory and real-world help. While you'll find timeless principles in this book, it's also peppered with timely practical advice. The section on knowing how to protect your child online is worth the purchase price alone. You'll keep this book handy for years to come.

Carey Nieuwhof, lead pastor of Connexus Church; author of Parenting Beyond Your Capacity and Leading Change Without Losing It

Craig's book addresses the four areas that families are struggling with the most. If you are a parent who cares about the future of your family, you should definitely read this book.

Reggie Joiner, president, ReThink Group

For anyone who is raising kids in a modern world (or thinking about it), this book is a must-have resource to have in arm's reach at all times.

Michelle Anthony, family ministry architect, David C. Cook; author and communicator

Craig has hit the ball out of the park with a must-read for every parent. Here's a book that gives practical advice on how to cultivate true faith in today's modern family. I appreciate Craig's honesty and also his willingness to make a difference where it matters the most--at home. This is not only a book to read, but also a book to share with others.

Jim Wideman, teacher, author, and ministry consultant

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  1. Craig Jutila

    Craig Jutila

    Craig Jutila is president of Empowered Living, an organization whose mission is to empower leaders and their families for life. Craig and his wife, Mary, cofounded Orphan Impact International, a nonprofit company that helps parents offset the cost of adopting...

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