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Exegetical Gems from Biblical Hebrew

A Refreshing Guide to Grammar and Interpretation

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After spending countless hours studying Hebrew vocabulary, paradigms, and grammar, students may wonder how they can begin to reap the rewards of their hard work. H. H. Hardy II presents thirty grammatical concepts and their exegetical payoff to demonstrate the importance of learning Hebrew for interpreting the Old Testament. In the process, students will realize the practical value of what they have learned.

This book is an ideal supplemental text for a variety of Hebrew courses. It is perfect for students looking to apply their Hebrew and for past students who wish to review the essentials of Hebrew grammar. It also includes examples and illustrations to help professors strengthen their lectures.

1. Hebrew Language and Literature
Ezekiel 9:4
2. Textual Criticism
Genesis 22:13
3. Word Studies
Genesis 29:17a
4. Construct Phrases
Genesis 29:17b
5. Definiteness
Proverbs 31:1
6. Adjectives
Haggai 1:4
7. Pronouns 1
2 Kings 8:1b
8. Pronouns 2
2 Kings 8:1a
9. Verb Conjugations 1: qatal = wayyiqtol
Exodus 16:34-35
10. Verb Conjugations 2: wəqatal = yiqtol
Leviticus 16:1-9
11. Verb Conjugations 3: Jussives
Ruth 1:8b
12. Verb Conjugations 4: Imperatives
Leviticus 16:2
13. Verb Conjugations 5: Cohortatives
2 Samuel 24:14
14. Verb Conjugations 6: Active and Passive Participles
Jeremiah 20:9
15. Verb Conjugations 7: Infinitive Construct
Jeremiah 27:10
16. Verb Conjugations 8: Infinitive Absolute
Jeremiah 7:9-10
17. Stative and Fientive Verbs
Psalm 93:1
18. Indefinite Subjects and Impersonal Verbs
1 Kings 1:1
19. Verb Stems 1: Voice and Valency
Genesis 12:1-3
20. Verb Stems 2: Semantics
2 Samuel 7:1
21. Negations
Genesis 3:4; 2:17
22. Prepositions 1: כְּ־    000
1 Sam. 13:14
23. Prepositions 2: בְּיוֹם    000
Genesis 2:17
24. Directive Heh
Exodus 13:21
25. Verbless Clauses
Deuteronomy 6:4
26. Interrogatives
Joshua 5:13b
27. Particles: כִּי    000
Deuteronomy 14:24
28. Temporal Clauses
Ruth 1:1
29. Relative Clauses
Psalm 119:85
30. Pragmatics: הִנֵּה    000
Genesis 1:31


"Hardy offers the student of Hebrew language an engaging encounter with thirty grammatical topics that typically appear in the third semester of the Biblical Hebrew curriculum. He investigates these topics using actual biblical passages and grammatical discussion so that the student fully understands and fully engages their exegetical significance. A great companion volume to the standard grammars, Hardy's book will serve as a resource for students and teachers alike."

Sandra Richter, Robert H. Gundry Chair of Biblical Studies, Westmont College

"This is an ingenious approach to helping students bridge the divide between abstract grammatical rules and the exegetical aim of biblical language learning. Hardy covers the full range of traditional grammar topics, each pertaining to a specific biblical text and the interpretive challenge it poses, to illustrate the grammar's relevance for biblical exegesis. This text is appropriate both as a tool to encourage those in the throes of language learning and as a self-help guide for those wanting to revive their knowledge of Hebrew grammar and reignite their passion for using Hebrew in biblical interpretation."

John A. Cook, professor of Old Testament and director of Hebrew language instruction, Asbury Theological Seminary

"For those wanting a deeper, practical understanding of Biblical Hebrew grammar and interpretation, Exegetical Gems from Biblical Hebrew is an essential and valuable resource. The overall conceptualization, structure, and organization of the book is clear and logical. Hardy presents key grammatical and interpretive topics and lucidly explains them from carefully chosen Bible passages, demonstrating the validity and practicality of knowing Biblical Hebrew grammar and syntax."

Sung Jin Park, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Well trained in biblical languages and Semitics and abreast of current research in linguistics, Chip Hardy succeeds in providing a refreshing guide to grammar and interpretation for the beginner in exegesis or the intermediate student of Hebrew. This is a valuable contribution to biblical language resources. The highest recommendation I can give is that I intend to use it as a text with my students."

Peter J. Gentry, Donald L. Williams Professor of Old Testament Interpretation, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"This handy volume polishes and exposes the brilliance of the nuggets to be mined in the soil of Biblical Hebrew morphology and grammar. With thirty selected topics and carefully chosen examples, Hardy demonstrates the value of paying close attention to the details of language to discover the precious truths of Scripture. The collection itself is a major gemstone. I regret that I did not possess this treasure five decades ago, when I was learning Hebrew, and that it was not previously available to all my Hebrew students."

Daniel I. Block, Gunther H. Knoedler Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, Wheaton College

"Many theological students spend hours laboring to learn the grammar of Biblical Hebrew. Although many excellent grammars are available, few works help students take the next step and see the exegetical payoff from studying the Old Testament in Hebrew. Hardy's helpful resource now addresses this problem. With well-chosen examples from the biblical text, the author leads students through key areas of grammar, lexica, and syntax. This book provides an important bridge to help students move from a knowledge of grammar to informed exegesis of the Hebrew text."

David Firth, tutor in Old Testament and academic dean, Trinity College, Bristol

"Truly a 'refreshing guide' to Hebrew grammar and Old Testament interpretation! Hardy's mastery of the biblical languages is matched with clear explanations and great exegetical examples. He writes with the skill of a scholar, the seasoning of a teacher, and the heart of a shepherd who cares deeply about biblical faithfulness. This book will motivate students to persevere in Hebrew study, and it will show them how to apply the concepts they are learning. I am delighted to have such a volume to use in the classroom."

Jason S. DeRouchie, professor of Old Testament and biblical theology, Bethlehem College and Seminary

"Hardy leverages his considerable knowledge of Biblical Hebrew to demonstrate the exegetical payoff from learning the language. Each chapter concisely introduces a key topic related to Biblical Hebrew and then illustrates how that topic relates to the interpretation of a particular passage. This is an ideal resource for newer students and for those who want to dust off their Hebrew skills through practical application."

Nicholas J. Reid, associate professor of Old Testament and ancient Near Eastern studies, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

"Eve's temptation, Abraham's ram, Leah's eyes, Aaron's goats, David's heart, the Shunammite woman's son, Zedekiah's danger--Exegetical Gems from Biblical Hebrew zeros in on exegetical questions arising from specific biblical verses. Hardy draws on his expertise in ancient Near Eastern languages and cultures, skillfully walking us through grammatical topics, strengthening our grasp of Hebrew, and proposing helpful solutions to interpretive dilemmas. This book will be valuable to students, lecturers, and anyone wishing to revive their Hebrew. I look forward to using this material with my students."

Jill Firth, lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament, Ridley College, Melbourne

The Author

  1. H. H. Hardy II
    Jennifer Hall

    H. H. Hardy II

    H. H. Hardy II (PhD, University of Chicago) is professor of divinity at Beeson Divinity School, Samford University, in Birmingham, Alabama. He previously taught at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of Exegetical Gems from...

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