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Prayers Inspired by the Psalms

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Endless Grace helps us rediscover the rich treasures of the Psalms--through free-verse prayer renderings of their poems and hymns--as a guide to personal devotion and meditation.

The church has always used the Psalms as part of its prayer life, and they have inspired countless other prayers. This book contains seventy-five prayers drawn from Psalms 76-150, providing lyrical sketches of what authors Ryan Whitaker Smith and Dan Wilt have seen, heard, and felt while sojourning in the Psalms. While each prayer corresponds to a particular psalm and touches on its themes and ideas, it is not a new translation of the Psalms or an attempt to modernize or contextualize their content or language. Rather, the prayers are responses to the Psalms written in harmony with Scripture. These prayers help us quiet our hearts before God and remember the Lord's daily mercies.

This artful, poetic, and classic devotional book features compelling custom illustrations and beautiful hardcover binding, offering a fresh way to reflect on and pray the Psalms.


Psalm 76: Your New World
Psalm 77: I Remember
Psalm 78: Sanctified Memory
Psalm 79: Table of Mercy
Psalm 80: The Seed of Your Planting
Psalm 81: Wellspring of Praise
Psalm 82: Justice at Last
Psalm 83: The Good Fight
Psalm 84: Restless
Psalm 85: The Face of God in Christ
Psalm 86: In Time
Psalm 87: City of God
Psalm 88: Hope beyond the Grave
Psalm 89: The Love of Christ
Psalm 90: A New Beginning
Psalm 91: Abide in Christ
Psalm 92: Song of My Life
Psalm 93: Everlasting God
Psalm 94: A Blight upon the Earth
Psalm 95: Wellspring of Worship
Psalm 96: Beauty and Grandeur
Psalm 97: The Lord Rules and Reigns
Psalm 98: New Songs
Psalm 99: Holy, Holy, Holy
Psalm 100: Holy Ground
Psalm 101: I Wait for You
Psalm 102: Wind-Scattered
Psalm 103: Praise Uninhibited
Psalm 104: Canvas of Creation
Psalm 105: God of the Story
Psalm 106: Counted among Them
Psalm 107: God of Zion
Psalm 108: Spectacle of Praise
Psalm 109: Rise to My Defense
Psalm 110: Adonai
Psalm 111: World of Wonder
Psalm 112: The Reward of Those Who Seek You
Psalm 113: Lord of Life
Psalm 114: Out of Slavery
Psalm 115: Gather Up the Praise
Psalm 116: Finished Work
Psalm 117: Be Praised!
Psalm 118: Your Kindness Has No End
Psalm 119: The Word, the Wisdom, of God
Psalm 120: Sacred Benediction
Psalm 121: Keeper of My Soul
Psalm 122: Coming Kingdom
Psalm 123: When I See You
Psalm 124: Where Would I Be?
Psalm 125: Womb of the Spirit
Psalm 126: Uncontainable Joy
Psalm 127: Lord of This House
Psalm 128: The Way of Blessing
Psalm 129: I Have Confidence
Psalm 130: The Word of Your Promise
Psalm 131: In Your Arms
Psalm 132: Your Servant David
Psalm 133: So Very Good
Psalm 134: A Prayer for Those in Ministry
Psalm 135: Lord of Praise
Psalm 136: Glory Be
Psalm 137: Heart in Exile
Psalm 138: I Choose You
Psalm 139: Known by You
Psalm 140: Desecrated Place
Psalm 141: Endless Struggle
Psalm 142: A Listening Ear
Psalm 143: Word of Comfort
Psalm 144: Fit for the Fight
Psalm 145: The Way of Mercy
Psalm 146: Lavish Grace
Psalm 147: My Joy, My Delight, My Song
Psalm 148: All Is Yours
Psalm 149: Gospel King
Psalm 150: Sheltering Mercy, Endless Grace


"Wouldn't it have been sublime to have had Jesus teach us to pray the Psalms? In Endless Grace we have the next best thing: two devoted followers of Jesus, Ryan Whitaker Smith and Dan Wilt, guiding us. Some days prayer flows with ease. But on many days I need help praying with the Scriptures. This need makes Endless Grace a sheer gift! A soul that is made well and given peace awaits those who sit with Ryan and Dan, their poetry, and the Psalms."

Bishop Todd Hunter, author of Deep Peace: Finding Calm in a World of Conflict and Anxiety

"Ryan Whitaker Smith and Dan Wilt have done it again. Endless Grace reads like the journal of a great poet. Each page is an invitation to dive in the depths of God's grace--each word, a beckoning call to the weary to come and swim in the unending mercy of God. This is a worshipful work of art."

Tara Beth Leach, author of Emboldened and Radiant Church

The Authors

  1. Ryan Whitaker Smith
    Brandon Chesbro

    Ryan Whitaker Smith

    Ryan Whitaker Smith is an author and filmmaker from Nashville, Tennessee. His projects include The Jesus Music, a documentary about the history of contemporary Christian music, and film adaptations of the award-winning memoir Surprised by Oxford...

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  2. Dan Wilt
    Brandon Chesbro

    Dan Wilt

    Dan Wilt is a songwriter, speaker, educator, and author who has his own teaching ministry in worship and spiritual formation through DanWilt.com. He has served as a pastor and encourager of creative leaders and has written several devotionals, including A...

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