A Story of Anorexia

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This morning I feel rested--ready to face the day--I will beat this thing." 

Millions of girls struggle with eating disorders. And most American women are unhappy with their bodies. Christie Pettit was one of them. Christie started college as a healthy, competitive athlete. But soon her perfectionism drove her to take fitness to the extreme. As she became more and more obsessed with what she ate and how much she exercised, thoughts about food and working out controlled her mind, her habits, and even her relationships. Christie was finally forced to admit that she was losing her battle with her own body. She was starving--but she didn't know it.

Empty recounts Christie's story through her personal journals, showing you how she turned to the Bible and counseling to find the strength and encouragement to overcome anorexia.

If you or someone you know might be struggling with anorexia, you'll find hope and great advice in Empty.


"Everyone who struggles with anorexia--or knows someone who does--should read this vulnerable book."--Les Parrott, Ph.D., Seattle Pacific University, author of Helping the Struggling Adolescent

"This book has it all--engaging style, candid disclosure, self-assessment suggestions, self-help activities, and spiritual sensitivity. Christie Pettit opens her personal journal and invites the reader to travel with her on a journey of honesty, hope, and healing. This book is for all those who are struggling with eating disorders and those who love them."--Gary W. Moon, author of Falling for God

"Christie's authentic approach to an ever-challenging issue is amazing. Encouraged and guided by her story, many young women will find hope, healing and transformation."--Natalie Nuce, national women's ministry director, Athletes in Action

"If you or someone you love struggles with an eating disorder, this is for you! Instead of condemnation you'll find encouragement, instead of despair, you'll receive hope, and in the process you'll feel personally loved by God."--Susan Alexander Yates, author of And Then I Had Teenagers

"Christie Pettit speaks straight from the heart about her struggles, infusing us with hope and courage. For those battling eating disorders or supporting loved ones who are, sharing Christie's journey provides true comfort and tangible tools for healing."--Sallie Hershkowitz, vice president, Remuda Ranch Programs for Eating Disorders

"Multitudes of teenagers are battling the pain and bondage of eating disorders. Most of today's 'experts' treat symptoms through medication and coping skills, and charge thousands for dollars for 'treatment' in various psychiatric inpatient settings. However, these young girls need to know that freedom is possible, and they need to hear from those who have walked down the road of captivity to being set free. I commend Christie for offering hope to others through sharing her own story. Like Christie, and like so many of the young girls we work with through Mercy Ministries who have struggled for years with an eating disorder, discover how you can also receive the fulfillment and freedom you are seeking."--Nancy Alcorn, founder and president, Mercy Ministries

"Christie Pettit speaks to us in these pages with a voice that clearly demonstrates her intimate understanding of the struggles young women with eating disorders experience. But she also presents the hope that these women and their families need to hear if they are to successfully find their way through this extremely challenging dark night. It is a book I endorse with enthusiasm."--Dr. David G. Benner, Ph.D., C. Psych., former clinical director of The Institute for Eating Disorders, distinguished professor of psychology and spirituality, Psychological Studies Institute

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  1. Christie Pettit

    Christie Pettit

    Christie Pettit currently works as a counselor of teens, with a specialization in eating disorder recovery. She speaks to groups such as Athletes in Action and writes for publications, including Today's Christian Woman, The Upper Room, and...

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