Don't Panic--Dinner's in the Freezer, Repackaged Edition

Great-Tasting Meals You Can Make Ahead

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I'm hungry. What's for dinner?"

How do you respond to this question after a long, busy day? Head for the nearest fast-food restaurant? Pop a commercially prepared meal into the oven?

Or you could have . . .

Apricot-Glazed Chicken Tenders and Cashew Fudge Tarts
Colorado White Chili and Chocolate-Orange Crumb Cake
Turkey Picante Pie and Tomato and Leek Bisque
Beef Chimichangas and Gooey Caramel Cinnamon  Rolls

You're probably thinking, Yeah, right! But delicious recipes like these are just minutes away!

Don't Panic--Dinner's in the Freezer offers a simple and economical alternative to take-out and prepackaged foods, featuring dozens of quick and easy home-tested recipes designed to be prepared in quantity and frozen ahead. Whether you cook for one or for a large family, this unique method will simplify your life with healthy, money- and time-saving recipes. Once you try the Don't Panic method, you may never again go back to your old ways of cooking.


"In my overfull life, I am often on the road speaking, getting home late from the office or occupied at home writing a book. I use Don't Panic Dinner's in the Freezer to simplify my life. How great it is to know that at the end of a busy day, I do not need to think about dinner--after all, it's in the freezer! Whether you use the menus and methods in this book to simplify your life or as a cooking gift you give to others, I believe that once you give it a try, you, too, will become a convert to the "don't panic" approach.--Marita Littauer, speaker, author, and president, CLASServices, Inc.

The Authors

  1. Susie Martinez

    Susie Martinez

    Susie Martinez is a professional counselor with a private counseling practice in Lakewood, Colorado. She and her husband, Joe, have two adult children. Susie enjoys baking extravagant desserts and travel and is always planning her next exciting place to explore.

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  2. Vanda Howell

    Vanda Howell

    Vanda Howell is a busy wife and mom who works as a kitchen design and remodeling consultant with her husband, Mike. She is addicted to dark chocolate and espresso, and she enjoys gardening, gourmet cooking, traveling, trying new restaurants, and...

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  3. Bonnie Garcia

    Bonnie Garcia

    Bonnie Garcia is a pediatric nurse and lactation counselor at a busy Denver area pediatric practice. Bonnie is active in her local church where her husband, Steve, has been the senior pastor for 18 years. She loves playing with her two dogs, Gracie and Lucy,...

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"This book is a winner! Whether you cook for one or for a large family, this unique method will simplify your life with healthy, money-and-time-saving purposes."--Family Ministries, Inc.