Destroying Demonic Tactics

8 Supernatural Strategies to Defeat Satan’s Newest Schemes

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The Devil Will Need Deliverance from YOU!

As our world advances, so does the enemy, modifying his age-old weapons to match these challenging times. So we, too, must modify our weapons in order to resist and defeat him at every turn.

Exposing the enemy's eight updated tactics and strategies, leading prophetic voice Pastor John Veal offers a customized, hands-on battle plan for today. Complete with prophetic revelations and decrees, deliverance prayers, and supernatural declarations, he equips you with eight practical strategies to

· upgrade and supercharge your weapons
· stand for God in this day of evil
· identify and combat the lies of our age
· destroy our era's demonic strongholds
· live out your divine assignment and destiny

When the Lord of Hosts teaches your hands to war, you will prevail against the god of this age--and experience lasting peace, freedom, and victory in these perilous times.

"John has been given battle plans from God to help you win the war against your enemy. . . . This book is a game-changer!"--SID ROTH, host of Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

"This is more than just a book--it's a spiritual arsenal for those determined to overcome."--TOMI ARAYOMI, founder of RIG Nation


"John has been given battle plans from God to help you win the war against your enemy. This book will show you how to disrupt demonic agendas, prevent an attack before it happens, and recognize the devil's old tricks disguised as new ones. After reading it, you will be equipped with strategies to destroy the various demonic tactics you face daily. This book is a game-changer!"

Sid Roth, host of Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

"In Destroying Demonic Tactics, Prophet John Veal offers a profound road map to spiritual victory in an increasingly complex world. From the deep dive into the essence of identity in chapter 1, 'Identity and the Danger of "If Thous,"' to the urgent discussion on the mental health crisis in chapter 2, 'The Current Pandemic: Mental Illness and Emotional Imbalances,' to all of the topics in the chapters beyond, Veal illuminates the spiritual battles we face daily. His insights into the mind's role as a battlefield, the pitfalls of ego and celebrity, and the lurking demon of distraction are both enlightening and timely.
"As we grapple with the pervasive influence of technology, Veal's chapter 'Technology: The Devil Is in the Details' promises to shed light on its spiritual ramifications. The book crescendos with potent strategies such as the power of fasting and prayer, and concludes with a rousing affirmation of the emerging 'Jacob Generation.' This is more than just a book--it's a spiritual arsenal for those determined to overcome. Every chapter stands as a testament to Veal's deep spiritual insight and his unwavering belief in the believer's ultimate triumph. This is an essential read for anyone committed to rising above the challenges and securing his or her spiritual destiny."

Tomi Arayomi, founder of RIG Nation, author of Eat, Sleep, Prophesy, Repeat; The Cosmopolitan Christian; and The Occupy Handbook: Your Prophetic Guide for Uprooting Demonic Strongholds and Establishing Atmospheres for God's Glory</

"Spiritual warfare is raging in the earth and will only grow more fierce as we go deeper into the end times. No longer can we get by with a weekend-warrior mentality. We need to stay armored up and ready for battle. John Veal is preparing the Church to destroy demonic tactics that many may not discern. His strategies and solutions for spiritual warfare victory will inspire you to fight and win."

Jennifer LeClaire, founder, Awakening House of Prayer Global Movement, author of 101 Tactics for Spiritual Warfare

"I admire the ministry of Prophet John Veal. He is a trusted prophetic voice, sent to share divine insight and revelation for such a time as this. I believe this book, Destroying Demonic Tactics, will shine light upon darkness and provide clarity by giving you strategies to defeat your enemy. This book exposes demonic lies, traps, and snares, and releases the people of God from demonic strongholds. Prophet John Veal shares personal experiences, as well as the Word of God, to expose demonic tactics. This book is a powerful resource that will equip, train, and activate the people of God. I highly recommend it for your deliverance team, as well as for your personal life."

Sophia Ruffin, Sophia Ruffin Global Ambassador,

"John Veal's book Destroying Demonic Tactics is full of practical wisdom and commonsense, everyday advice that is biblically grounded and actively worked out in his own life, to help you live a victorious Christian life. All believers will have to discover and employ their authority in Christ and the power of the blood of Jesus for themselves in their own unique circumstances, but this book will guide you through the minefield of potential failures so you can step out of whatever difficult circumstances you encounter, with your life and joy intact. Closing our eyes to spiritual warfare won't make it go away just because we don't want to be bothered to deal with our own issues. Read this book and apply its advice to your daily walk, and you will gain great victory over the enemy of your soul."

Joan Hunter, evangelist, host of Miracles Happen! TV show

"This book is one of the most essential teachings and trainings I have read on spiritual warfare. For too long, believers have been left without strategic training in how to engage in and destroy the works and schemes of Satan and his army of darkness. Once we are saved, we are enrolled in the most powerful army of the universe. John maps out an exceptional teaching in this manuscript, teaching victorious strategies to overcome, prevail, and conquer. Friends, Destroying Demonic Tactics is a must-read for every believer. Thank you, John, for this timely and needed message."

Rebecca Greenwood, co-founder, Christian Harvest International, Strategic Prayer Apostolic Network, author of Authority to Tread; Glory Warfare; Let Our Children Go; Defeating Strongholds of the Mind; Breaking the Bon

"Once again, Dr. John Veal has delivered a book filled with rich insights about deliverance. In this work, he gives sound biblical advice on engaging and avoiding spiritual damage. Excellent work!"

Ivory Hopkins, aka "The General of Deliverance," founder and overseer of Pilgrims Ministry of Deliverance

"Destroying Demonic Tactics by Prophet John Veal is a must-have for anyone seeking to understand, combat, and overcome the unseen hellish forces that strategically attack the destiny of believers. Veal brilliantly unravels the complexities of spiritual warfare, providing readers with effective strategies to identify and dismantle demonic tactics. This book is not just informative, but is also empowering, equipping readers with the knowledge and tools they need to stand strong in their faith. Whether you're a spiritual leader, a believer in the throes of spiritual warfare, or simply someone seeking a more precise understanding of how to combat the enemy, this book is a game-changer, a loaded weapon in your spiritual arsenal. Don't just read it--study it, apply it, and experience the victory it brings!"

Andrew Towe, lead pastor, Ramp Church, Chattanooga, author of Breaking the Spirit of Delilah and The Triple Threat Anointing

"My friend Prophet John Veal has written an absolute must-read book for right now. In the current state of the world, we need ministries and books that teach and train us to pray and declare God's written Word and prophetic word. This is the type of book people need to study in small groups. It's rich with insight, Scriptures, and a prophetic flow to help people understand their destiny to a greater degree. Far too many believers have never been taught about warfare and the reality of demonic attacks. This book will help many understand these concepts to a greater degree. I encourage you to read this book, buy a few copies, and sow them into others' lives and futures."

Joe Joe Dawson, Roar Church Texarkana

"Today's ever-changing world is filled with nonstop chaos and confusion, and the enemy continues to make demonic strides against God's chosen people. The Church, however, will prevail by having the mind of Christ and by exposing and demolishing every one of the devil's strategies in a public display.
"Not only is Destroying Demonic Tactics an eye-opener to engaging in the spiritual realm, but this book will also give you easy and practical Kingdom secrets to overcoming the enemy in every single battle that hell tries to throw your way.
"John Veal has masterfully exposed the overplayed hand of the devil, and he has laid out clear biblical revelations and solutions that will enable the reader to be victorious and to live a lifestyle of Christ-centered dominion inside and out.
"Triumph is God's ordained portion for all those who are born again in the Holy Spirit. This book will lead you up the stairway to the mountaintop to gain absolute victory and unshakable kingship in your life."

Dr. Ben Lim, Ben Lim Ministries, senior pastor, Open Heavens World,,

"The Scriptures make it clear that all believers are in a spiritual battle with the powers of darkness. While the devil is a defeated foe, he continues to wage war against the saints until his final judgment. And while we shouldn't be fearful or overly focused on the demonic, we cannot afford to be ignorant of the enemy's devices.
"In his new book Destroying Demonic Tactics, John Veal equips believers to walk victoriously in spiritual warfare. Using both biblical principles and personal examples, he exposes and disarms the enemy and gives believers the necessary tools to overcome demonic attacks. From the foundation of being grounded in our identity as sons and daughters of God, we can discern and overcome every tactic of the enemy, in Jesus' name."

Jake Kail, apostolic leader, Threshold Church, author of Setting Captives Free and Restoring the Ministry of Jesus,

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