Deliverance from Evil Spirits, Revised and Expanded Edition

A Guide to Freedom from the Demonic Realm

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The Most Trusted Resource on Healing and Deliverance, Now Revised and Updated

Never has the need for inner healing and deliverance ministry been more critical than now. As culture glorifies sinful lifestyles and ideologies, people--both in and out of the Church--are falling prey to the enemy's lies, desperately wondering where their promised freedom is. 

Now revised and expanded for the times in which we live, this landmark book is based on over forty years of international ministry. Comprehensive and biblical, this foundational resource is full of prayers, practical application, and invaluable new content, answering key questions and equipping you to

· understand the scriptural basis for deliverance and its relation to inner healing
· discern between psychological problems and demonic oppression
· minister in the power of your authority in Christ
· listen, love and pray for those under the enemy's influence
· empower people to step into their identity in Christ

Here is everything you need to engage the enemy with boldness and wisdom, bringing the light and love of Christ that sets the captives free.

The Authors

  1. Francis MacNutt

    Francis MacNutt

    The late Dr. Francis MacNutt (1925-2020) was a teacher, pioneer, bestselling author and theologian instrumental in restoring the healing ministry to the Church. His legacy continues to change millions of lives through Christian Healing Ministries, which he...

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  2. Judith MacNutt

    Judith MacNutt

    Judith MacNutt, MA, is a bestselling author, psychotherapist and global speaker, and co-founder of internationally renowned Christian Healing Ministries. Learn more at

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