Declarations for Breakthrough

Agreeing with the Voice of God

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Declare God's Best over Your Life

When God speaks, darkness trembles and death shudders! His voice is the most powerful force in the universe. And He has given His children the mandate to declare what He speaks, to say what He says. It is time for believers to counter the attacks of the enemy--always the liar--with God's words of truth to bring freedom to those who hear.

In this biblically rich exploration of the power of the decree, apostolic leader and prophet Jane Hamon inspires and instructs you to partner with God for change. Through her in-depth exploration of all the ways the words of the Lord bring life, she helps you activate the promises that God longs to fulfill. This book includes Jane's own specific and proven declarations for you to use, and it describes the miracles she has witnessed as she and others listen for God's heart. 

God wants to set into motion the breakthroughs you and your family need. Take hold of the life-changing action of speaking God's own declarations for His people!

"Jane Hamon has my full respect as a seasoned and trusted prophetess, a teacher of the Word and one who is stellar in character. "--Patricia King, author, minister, television host


"Jane Hamon has my full respect as a seasoned and trusted prophetess, teacher of the Word and one who is stellar in character. I am fully convinced of the power in the declared word of God and therefore wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Declarations for Breakthrough."

Patricia King, author, minister, television host

"Years ago, I learned a great lesson: God's word in my mouth is powerful; to fully activate His word, all I had to do was believe and then speak. In Declarations for Breakthrough, Jane Hamon masterfully teaches you how to transform your thinking so that you too can declare breakthroughs for your life, your family, your community and your nation. If you've ever wondered how to achieve the miraculous in your life, get this book, and it will show you how."

Gordon Robertson, president, CBN

"We need and value the Breaker who goes before and breaks open the way! But we need more than that. Too often an individual or a region receives a temporary breakthrough to only end up suffering a terrible setback, resulting in disappointment and a downward spiral. Whew! Anybody have an answer? Jane Hamon gives us some in her new book, Declarations for Breakthrough. She gives us the proper reinforcement to create the necessary sustainability! Jane provides us with great structural tools that are needed before and after the change occurs! Thanks, my friend!"

James W. Goll, founder, God Encounters Ministries and GOLL Ideation LLC; author, communications coach, recording artist, consultant

"Jane Hamon is one of God's select vessels leading the charge on a timely topic for this season, the power of your decree! The Lord of the Breakthrough is counseling us, coaching us and instructing us through this book on how to live abundantly in any circumstance. You'll want to read Declarations for Breakthrough over and over again. Invest in a few copies, one for you and one for a friend!"

Jennifer Eivaz, co-pastor, Harvest Church, Turlock, California; founder, Harvest Ministries International; author, Prophetic Secrets and Seeing the Supernatural

"Jane beautifully articulates the power of hearing the voice of God and coming into alignment with His declarations for your life. For anyone wanting a deeper understanding of the power of agreeing with and decreeing God's heart on the earth, this book is for you."

Catherine Mullins, speaker and worship leader

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  1. Jane Hamon

    Jane Hamon

    Jane Hamon is a sought-after speaker and prophetic voice, serving with her husband, Tom, as senior pastor of Vision Church. Together they have built a thriving local church, ministered in more than fifty nations, and helped to lead Christian International...

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