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In John Fischer's multi-layered story, white horses are pampered, celebrated, and trained to pose in ways that hide any of their darker markings. The herd is consumed with appearances and addicted to a comfortable lifestyle of food, shelter, and praise. When one white horse bravely risks all he's ever known to follow a dark horse who promises adventure, he begins a journey that will lead to unparalleled freedom. The journey, however, will not be easy.
Dark Horse explores what it means to live in authentic faith and break out of complacency. It calls readers to ponder the meaning of leadership and the importance of discarding the masks we wear to hide our imperfections. Back in print by popular demand, Fischer's first-ever book is now available in this beautifully packaged gift edition for a new generation of readers.


"John Fischer's Dark Horse is a story that surges with power, an equine pilgrim's progress whose largeness and significance is belied by its brief telling. Some parables, like those of Jesus, are greater than the sum of their parts." --Luci Shaw, Regent College's writer-in-residence and author of The Green Earth: Poems of Creation

"Dark Horse is a book you will end up reading over and over again. Thundering across the pages of this tiny allegory is a mysterious, dark horse with fire in his eyes calling tamed horses to follow him to 'plains they have never run and mountains they have never seen.' Because of John Fischer's imaginative writing, the reader is stampeded into a mysterious world of adventure and danger, much like the world of faith, where we called by a wild Savior whose eyes are filled with light beckoning us to follow him. What a read!" --Mike Yaconelli, author of Messy Spirituality

"I've been a John Fischer fan since the release of Saint Ben. Looking at the blemished human condition through allegory, Dark Horse contains one of the most cherished prizes of literature: a metaphor to remember for the rest of our lives." --Noel Paul Stookey, singer/songwriter, Peter, Paul & Mary

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  1. John Fischer

    John Fischer

    John Fischer has been mixing his unique combination of singing, speaking, and humor for a variety of audiences for over thirty years. His multifaceted talents of song writing, speaking, singing, and writing reflect the many avenues by which John carries on a...

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" ...the novella's brevity and gift packaging will ensure reader interest." PUBLISHERS WEEKLY 9/15/03