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The Framework of God’s Grand Plan of Redemption

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Christianity Today 2022 Award of Merit (Biblical Studies)

Southwestern Journal of Theology 2021 Book Award (Honorable Mention, Biblical Studies)

Leading scholar Daniel Block helps students of the Bible understand the big picture of God's covenants with humanity as they play out in both the First and the New Testaments.

After fifty years of teaching and preaching around the globe, Block brings a lifetime of study and reflection on the First Testament and relationship with God to this comprehensive volume. The book focuses on God's covenants as the means by which God has reached out to a fallen humanity. It examines the heart and history of God's redemptive plan and shows why the covenants are essential for our understanding of the Bible.


Introduction: Covenance and God's Grand Plan of Redemption in Scripture
Part 1: The Cosmic and Adamic Covenants
1. The Cosmic Covenant
Excursus: Eden as a Temple?
2. The Adamic Covenant
Part 2: The Israelite Covenant
Stage 1 of the Israelite Covenant
3. The Origins of the Abrahamic Covenant
4. The Afterlife of the Abrahamic Covenant
Stage 2 of the Israelite Covenant
5. The Establishment of the Israelite Covenant at Sinai: Exodus 1:1-31:18
6. The Renewal and Completion of the Israelite Covenant at Sinai: Exodus 32-Leviticus 26
Excursus: The Levitical Covenant
Stage 3 of the Israelite Covenant
7. Reaffirming the Covenant on the Plains of Moab
8. The Nature of the Covenant Rituals and Laws on the Plains of Moab
Stage 4 of the Israelite Covenant
9. The New Israelite Covenant
Part 3: The Davidic Covenant
10. The Historiographic Context, Nature, and Significance of the Davidic Covenant
11. The Afterlife of the Davidic Covenant in Israelite Prophecy
12. The Afterlife of the Davidic Covenant in the Psalter
Part 4: Covenant in the New Testament
13. The Cosmic and Adamic Covenants in the New Testament
14. Stage 1 of the Israelite Covenant in the New Testament: The Abrahamic Covenant
15. Stages 2 and 3 of the Israelite Covenant in New Testament Narratives: The Covenant Ratified at Sinai and Reaffirmed on the Plains of Moab
16. Stages 2 and 3 of the Israelite Covenant in the Epistles
17. Stage 4 of the Israelite Covenant in the New Testament: The New Israelite Covenant
18. The Davidic Covenant in the Gospel Accounts of Jesus' Early Life and Ministry
19. The Davidic Covenant in the Gospel Accounts of Jesus' Passion and Resurrection
20. The Davidic Covenant in the Remainder of the New Testament
Conclusion: Reflections on Covenance and God's Grand Plan of Redemption in Scripture
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"This is one of the most nourishing books of biblical theology that I have read. The accumulated fruit of a half century of faithful and scholarly Bible study and teaching is evident on every page. While completely familiar with every nuance of critical scholarship, Daniel Block refreshingly allows the Bible to speak for itself without detours and debates. With courageous exposure of the damaging ways by which different Christian tribes--including evangelical ones--have relegated, negated, or simply ignored the First Testament, Block showcases the glorious redemptive coherence and missional hope of the grand covenantal narrative structure of Scripture. Every chapter is enriching, with illuminating exegesis from all over Scripture--a feast of good things to which the only adequate response is the last word of the book: 'Hallelujah!'"

Christopher J. H. Wright, Langham Partnership; author of The Mission of God

"This book, the fruit of a lifetime of careful study of the Bible, expresses Dan Block's understanding of the way the entire Bible fits together. Regretting the tragic division between the First Testament and the New Testament that has come to characterize much of evangelical Protestantism's biblical interpretation and proclamation, he uses the theme of covenant to show how the Bible is telling one story in five acts. In a tour de force of biblical exegesis, he demonstrates that God's goal from creation onward has been for humans, sharing God's righteous character, to live in harmony with God and the cosmos. He then shows how, when that goal seemed out of reach due to human sin, YHWH devised a scheme of covenants that culminated in the Davidic covenant, by which the original goal will be achieved. Anyone who loves the Bible will be richly satisfied by this banquet Block has set before us."

John N. Oswalt, visiting distinguished professor of Old Testament, Asbury Theological Seminary

"In Covenant, Block offers a creative and exhaustive study of covenant and covenant-making in the Bible that draws attention to the underlying logic and remarkable continuity of the biblical covenants. Block makes a compelling case for adopting new categories to describe this central aspect of God's redemptive project. Consideration of Block's proposal is imperative for anyone attempting to understand the biblical notion of covenant in the years to come."

Michelle Knight, assistant professor of Old Testament and Semitic languages, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"Daniel Block has offered us a rich, detailed, and accessible exposition of covenant in the First and New Testaments. We receive not only an overview of how covenant factors into every phase of biblical history but also a grand picture of how the entire Bible coheres marvelously under the hand of God as the sovereign maker and keeper of covenant relationships. If you struggle to see how seemingly disparate First Testament themes like creation, sin, law, and exile are interwoven with covenantal ideas and have deep relevance for Christians today, this is the book for you!"

Jerry Hwang, academic dean, School of Theology (English), and associate professor of Old Testament, Singapore Bible College

"This fascinating and beautifully written study of biblical covenants from First Testament to New Testament will be valuable to a wide range of readers. Everyone interested in the Bible will benefit from Block's wise reflection on the theological unity of the Bible's diverse texts. Students, pastors, and scholars will find in this book a treasure trove of insight from years of study and meticulous research."

Frank Thielman, Presbyterian Professor of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University

"At last, Daniel Block has written his magnum opus! With characteristic rigor and boldness, Block sweeps aside false dichotomies and stale debates to invite fresh reflection on the 'one continuous story of divine redemption.' His book does a tremendous service to Christians struggling to see continuity between the Testaments. Students and scholars alike will appreciate his exegetical insight and synthesis of the Bible's teaching on covenant."

Carmen Joy Imes, associate professor of Old Testament, Biola University

"In Covenant, Dan Block has done a great service for scholars, pastors, teachers, and everyone interested in the structure and logic of the Bible. This is a comprehensive survey of the Bible's message organized around a concept critical to properly appreciating the meaning and significance of the most-read book in human history. Throughout, the reader will find a treasure trove of information, framed and communicated through Dan's characteristic combination of humility, warmth, clarity, thorough research, openness to critical discussion, and personal devotion to the God who speaks and brings us to himself through covenant."

Dan Wu, lecturer in Old Testament and biblical languages, Moore Theological College

"Block's Covenant guides readers through the cosmic story of God's plan of redemption through the framework of covenant. Block charts the covenantal story, which begins in Genesis and comes to its dramatic climax as Jesus Christ appears in the New Testament, fulfilling the divine plan. It's a journey that uncovers the heart of God in profound ways, draws the reader into Scripture's great drama and God's great mission, and culminates with the resounding sound of worship. An inspiring and valuable read!"

Beth Stovell, associate professor of Old Testament, Ambrose University

"Daniel Block has written a masterful survey of his approach to a coherent structure and framework for understanding the Bible. This book is the fruit of decades of research, and Block is the model of a godly and excellent scholar."

Josh Moody, senior pastor of College Church, Wheaton, Illinois; president and founder, God Centered Life Ministries

The Author

  1. Daniel I. Block
    Greg Halvorsen Schreck

    Daniel I. Block

    Daniel I. Block (DPhil, University of Liverpool) is Gunther H. Knoedler Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. He lectures and preaches around the world and is the author of numerous books, including For the...

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Christianity Today 2022 Award of Merit (Biblical Studies)

Southwestern Journal of Theology
2021 Book Award (Honorable Mention, Biblical Studies)

"This is a work of developed biblical theology from an established scholar. Block's years of training manifest themselves in the breadth and depth of this book as he guides readers through the cosmic story of God's ultimate plan of redemption through the framework of covenant. While Block is primarily an Old Testament scholar, he explores how the Old Testament view of covenant carries over into the New Testament in profound ways. Covenant should be a fixture in courses on biblical theology for years to come, while also appealing to interested readers and scholars."

Beth Stovell,

Christianity Today