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"I'm just one person. Can I really make a difference?"

Do you ever feel like you're about to buckle under the weight of the world's problems? Poverty persists and racial division runs deep. Disease strikes and families fracture. You look down at what you've got and it feels painfully not enough. If you've ever wondered, "How can I possibly help?" or even, "Where is God in this?" you're not alone. You're also not without hope.

Through the pages of Scripture and personal stories from women just like you, you'll discover how simple, courageous kindness is the key to experiencing God's love and sharing it with others. Jesus's life and words are beautifully clear: how you treat people matters--because every person matters to God!

In fact, God wants to use your ordinary days to accomplish more than you could ever expect. Courageous Kindness is a six-week Bible study that will help you

· embrace inconvenience as a gift instead of a burden and put on compassion as your superpower
· grow in awareness of God's relentless pursuit of you through everyday kindnesses you might have missed
· reframe your limitations and discover how to make an impact right where you are, using exactly what you have

If you're ready to experience God's radical kindness and start making a difference in the lives of those around you, join your friends at (in)courage and become a woman of courageous kindness--one simple, life-changing step at a time.

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    Founded by DaySpring, (in)courage is an online community of women who seek Jesus together. Each weekday one of our writers shares what's going on in her everyday life and how God's right in the middle of it all. They bring their unique experiences--joys and...

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