Conquer Your Deliverance

How to Live a Life of Total Freedom

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Cancel the Enemy's Assignment That Is Stealing Your Breakthrough!

Being delivered and set free from sin and bondage does not mean that the enemy now considers you off limits. He will surely attempt--again and again--to wrap those old chains back around you.

Focusing on key strategies from Scripture, ex-satanic high priest John Ramirez teaches you how to shore up your defenses in Christ after winning a battle, and how to put your life back in order. Ramirez uses his own experiences to reveal principles for growing in your faith and in Holy Spirit power so that, when the next attack comes, you are stronger, wiser and more knowledgeable.

This empowering book will equip you with strategies, Scriptures and deliverance prayers so you can

· understand how the devil tries to trap you
· focus on biblical examples to make your faith unshakable
· determine which fights are yours and which are not
· pray for deliverance during spiritual combat
· learn how to maintain your new freedom in Christ
· and more

Be prepared for the next encounter with the enemy, to gain the upper hand and hold fast the victory!

"Conquer Your Deliverance is a right-now book birthed from heaven's war room for the Body of Christ."--DR. HAKEEM COLLINS, international speaker and author


"Conquer Your Deliverance is a right-now book birthed from heaven's war room for the Body of Christ. John Ramirez has written another spiritual-warfare classic that unleashes practical rules-of-engagement strategies to win in this invisible battle against the forces of evil to live in total freedom in Christ."

Dr. Hakeem Collins, international speaker and author, 10 Prayer Secrets and Unseen Warfare

"John Ramirez encourages every believer and leader in the Christian faith to walk in the overwhelming power of the one true living God. He reveals the secrets of the demonic and encourages us to live as an overcoming kingdom of priests. Let the Lion of Judah roar!"

Dr. Candice Smithyman, host, Glory Road

"When you've come out of something because of the absolute goodness and mercy of Jesus, you are compelled to share the keys you've learned for freedom with all who will listen. In John Ramirez's book Conquer Your Deliverance, you'll gain a ring full of keys and principles to conquer any darkness still at work in your life. Be sure to purchase a few copies of this book, one for you and more for your friends."

Jennifer Eivaz, co-pastor, Harvest Church; founder, Harvest Ministries International; author, The Intercessors Handbook and Seeing the Supernatural

"Conquer Your Deliverance will challenge how you see spiritual warfare and your personal role in your victory. John Ramirez offers riveting parallels and practical strategies from the Word of God that will empower your prayers, build your confidence and give you a road map to freedom. His personal experiences make him a leading voice of victorious living through the power of Jesus Christ!"

Terrell Fletcher, author, The Book of You; senior pastor, City of Hope International Church; former NFL running back

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  1. John Ramirez

    John Ramirez

    John Ramirez ( is an internationally known evangelist, author and highly sought-after speaker who teaches believers around the globe how to defeat the enemy. He has shared his powerful testimony--of being miraculously saved as a...

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