Celebrating Advent

Family Devotions and Activities for the Christmas Season

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Help focus your family on what really matters at Christmastime

If you ask kids what Christmas is about, you'll get a variety of answers. Presents, decorating, presents, Santa Claus, presents, carols . . . presents. Few will say anything about Christ. How would your kids answer that question?

In a culture obsessed with material things, it can be difficult to help our kids understand and celebrate the true meaning of the Christmas season. In Celebrating Advent, author Ann Hibbard has created a way for parents to set aside a daily time during Advent to talk with their kids about the spiritual meaning of the season.

Learn practical steps you can take to make Christmas a more meaningful, happy experience for your family. Inspiring and creative family devotions provide a moment of peace and reflection for each evening of Advent, while fun and inexpensive project ideas help you focus your kids' attention on what really matters at Christmas: Christ.

The Author

  1. Ann Hibbard

    Ann Hibbard

    Ann Hibbard is a Bible study teacher and the author of several books, including Family Celebrations: Meeting Christ in Your Holidays and Special Occasions. She resides in Virginia with her husband.

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