Called to Preach

Fulfilling the High Calling of Expository Preaching

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Illuminating the word of God in a dark world

The church stands in dire need of those God has called to preach the word with precision and power. Preachers who will not replace sound theology with culturally palatable soundbites. Preachers who will clearly and faithfully share the gospel and inspire those in their churches to live godly lives.

Through in-depth biblical analysis and inspiring examples from church history, Steven J. Lawson paints a picture of God's glory magnified through faithful preaching, reclaiming the high ground of biblical preaching for the next generation. With helpful advice and practical guidance gleaned from his fifty years in ministry, Lawson will help you

· know if you are called to preach
· understand the qualifications for ministry
· develop, improve, and deliver strong expository sermons

The church is at its strongest when the word is being faithfully proclaimed. Will you heed the call?

In every generation, the church of Jesus Christ rises or falls with its pulpit. This statement meets few exceptions. No church, no denomination, no movement rises any higher than its proclamation of the word of God. The importance of preaching for the edification of believers and the evangelism of the lost cannot be overstated. Over the centuries, every history-altering era of church history has been defined by the strength of its preaching. And every spiritually low season has been marked by a famine in the land of hearing the word of the Lord.

When the pulpit is strong, the church is strengthened, and her witness to the world is fortified. But when the pulpit is weak, the church languishes in spiritual listlessness, and society suffers for it. . . .

Nothing must ever be allowed to supplant the primacy of the pulpit--not if the church is to flourish.

The Author

  1. Steven J. Lawson

    Steven J. Lawson

    Steven J. Lawson (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary; DMin, Reformed Theological Seminary) is president of OnePassion Ministries, a ministry designed to bring about biblical reformation in the church today by teaching and preaching the Word of God and...

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