Broken Still Chosen

Finding Hope in Jesus When You Feel Unloved, Unseen, or Forgotten

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Experience the Blessings of Brokenness

We're all broken. Mentally, physically, relationally, or emotionally--it looks different for each person. But the pain, grief, and hopelessness we feel are the same.

Diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at age five, Rob Roozeboom watched helplessly as his illness destroyed his dreams. Feeling painfully different and forgotten, he questioned his very existence, rebelling against God. But God wasn't done with him yet. Weaving his inspiring story with biblical teaching, Rob offers help for anyone feeling unloved, unseen, or unworthy, including how to

· process feelings of insecurity, inferiority, disappointment, and hopelessness
· replace lies and negative cultural labels with truths from God's Word
· wrestle with your faith when everything's out of control
· experience strength in your weakness
· receive the hope available in Jesus

In your dark hours, God still chooses you--still has purpose for you. And turning to Him is the first step toward your brighter future.


"I've known Rob for twenty years, and I've seen him grow and go through some of the most difficult and unfathomable experiences a human being can face. Through it all, Rob has continued to inspire hundreds of thousands all over the world through his personal story and unwavering faith in the One who makes all things work together for our good. I am so glad this book is out there for those who might feel undervalued, overlooked, defeated, and forgotten. God sees you. This book will encourage you."

Tim Byrne, professional skateboarder and pastor

"Vulnerable is a word I've heard said when I step off the stage, and the way that Rob lays his whole heart out on these pages for the world to see is exactly that. Thank you for being so real, Rob. I have to keep going, because you are."

Ben Fuller, Christian singer and songwriter

"Rob Roozeboom's book is packed with heartache and humor, but most importantly perseverance. Broken Still Chosen powerfully illustrates how we can rise above our greatest difficulties and lean on our faith. It's a testimony to how weakness can show strength and how God uses even broken people."

Adrie Groeneweg, president and founder of Pizza Ranch, Inc.

"Broken Still Chosen is a powerful, inspiring testament to resilience and faith. Rob Roozeboom's candid narrative of navigating life's challenges offers a raw and honest portrayal of facing adversity and finding faith. This book is, at turns, deeply transformative and unexpectedly hilarious. Get yourself a copy of this book from my friend Rob--a gifted storyteller, a beacon of God's grace, and an inspiration to thousands."

Jennifer Dukes Lee, bestselling author of Growing Slow, It's All Under Control, and Stuff I'd Only Tell God

"Rob has been a faithful partner in the alliance of evangelists for many years, leading the way in encouraging and supporting others in the work of the gospel. He is a friend and kindhearted soul, following the example of our Savior. I thank God for Rob, his passion for the Lord, and his commitment to the gospel. Despite the challenges he has faced in his own life, Rob has lived with a deep care and love for others--giving his life to share the message of hope in Jesus Christ. I'm confident that his story and the lessons within this book will encourage and bless many."

Andrew Palau, evangelist and author

"We've known Rob for a couple decades, and he is one of the most inspiring, persistent, and courageous humans we've ever met. Broken Still Chosen is not for perfect people living in a perfect world; it is for the broken people who live in a broken world yet make a courageous choice to rise above the circumstances of life and live an extraordinary life. His wisdom is born through pain and will enrich your life no matter what you are enduring."

The Saylors Brothers (Kenny and Kyle), filmmakers

"I'm so grateful for Rob's willingness to share a part of his own brokenness and battle with muscular dystrophy in Broken Still Chosen. I've known Rob for years, but in the book, Rob shares a part of his story that I hadn't heard before. Whatever you're going through or have been through, this book will meet you right where you're at and give you the courage to keep pursuing God's call for your life--just like Rob is doing."

Adam Weber, lead pastor of Embrace Church, podcast host, author

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    Rob Roozeboom

    Rob Roozeboom ( is founder and president of RISE Ministries, Inc. and RiseFest, a large Christian music festival held annually in northwest Iowa. Host of the popular podcast Enjoying the Journey, he also produced the online video...

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    Kathleen Hauck Groom

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