Brain Washed

Overcome Toxic Thoughts and Take Back Control of Your Mind

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How to Be Mentally Strong in Christ

You can either take your thoughts captive or be held captive by them. The choice is yours.

Scripture declares we will be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Manny Arango describes this process as God washing our brains, and it is the surest way to overcome anxious thoughts, self-doubt, bitterness, and other mental struggles. But how can we experience this healing power?

This book is a biblical roadmap for winning the battles in your mind. Identify faulty ways of thinking and learn how to take every thought captive under the authority of Christ.

"Sometimes we all allow trauma and pain to determine how we journey through life and relationships. Brain Washed is a clear guide to get the right perspective."--CHANDLER MOORE, Maverick City Music

"A timely and relevant book to help the body of Christ find lasting freedom from toxic thought patterns."--PASTOR ROBERT MADU, Social Dallas


"Manny is a voice that our generation is in desperate need of."

Zach Windahl, author, The Bible Study

"Manny Arango is not just an outstanding communicator, he is an exceptional human being. I have watched him walk through tragedy and loss with the same spiritual resilience that keeps him anchored in his success. Brain Washed is more than a great book; it is a conversation with a great young leader on how to frame your future."

Dr. Terry Crist, lead pastor, City of Grace, Phoenix/Tucson/Las Vegas

"Reading this book helped me realize how important the message that Manny is presenting is for the generation we live in. Sometimes we all allow trauma and pain to determine how we journey through life and relationships. Brain Washed is a clear guide to get the right perspective. This book is necessary, and the step-by-step guides for overcoming trauma and taking thoughts captive will help us take control of our minds."

Chandler Moore, worship leader, Maverick City Music

"Manny is a much-needed voice in the church today, and Brain Washed is an excellent addition to Manny's growing library of resources. Get Brain Washed!"

Nathan Finochio, founder, TheosU 

"Manny is not only a gifted preacher and communicator, but a needed thinker and brilliant mind in the body of Christ. This book is not simply theological theory, but is born out of Manny's renewed mind and love for God's Word. Brain Washed will be a gift to a new generation of believers who are ready to take their thinking to the next level!" 

Pastor Jabin Chavez, City Light Church, Las Vegas 

"Manny Arango is the epitome of the song 'Enemy's Camp.' He will crawl through hell to get it back. This book is just a synopsis of the life he has led for many years. It's an honor to call him a friend and an inspiration. Share this after you read it."

Tim Somers, central youth pastor, Elevation Church

"Manny Arango is an educated, modern-day theologian with the pastoral, missionary, and evangelistic experience to be the exact kind of teacher and thinker to capture the true challenge of using Scripture to rightly divide soul and spirit, joint and marrow. This book is a MUST for the modern-day believer!"

Pastor Andy Thompson, senior pastor and founder, World Overcomers Christian Church

"Manny Arango is a rising voice for today's generation. He is a bold, biblical, insightful preacher and now a writer. Brain Washed deals with relevant issues from a scriptural standpoint. A book for all mankind!"

Frank Damazio, author, The Making of a Leader

"Manny Arango has written a timely and relevant book to help the body of Christ find lasting freedom from toxic thought patterns. Manny has managed to integrate deep biblical and theological truth with relatable storytelling in a writing style that is profound and enjoyable. Brain Washed is a necessary message and a must-read book for every believer." 

Pastor Robert Madu, Social Dallas

"I'm so excited for people to read Brain Washed. This message of mind renewal and mental freedom is so needed and will set so many people free from the prison of negative thoughts they've been trapped in. I honestly believe that Manny Arango is a voice to our generation and his perspective on mental health is wise, practical and godly." 

Pastor Taylor Madu, Social Dallas

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    Manny Arango

    Manny Arango is a teaching pastor at Social Dallas and the founder of ARMA (Latin for "armor"), a ministry that offers original online courses about the Bible and theology. Manny and his wife, Tia, live in Dallas with their son Theophilus. Learn more...

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