Biblical Church Growth

How You Can Work with God to Build a Faithful Church

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Leaders change and trends go out of style. Only churches that are built on the solid foundation of God's Word will remain effective.

Biblical Church Growth explores the unchanging biblical principles for church growth and applies them to today's culture. Gary McIntosh defines church growth as effective evangelism, not simply a methodology for increasing membership. He sets forth nine basic principles that provide an eternal foundation for helping any church, large or small, achieve lasting vitality and growth.



"At last! Rescued! American Church Growth has been rescued from its hijackers and brought back to the original focus and understanding that made it such a vital contribution to evangelism and missions throughout the world. With this book, Gary McIntosh brings Church Growth back to its intended thrust and purpose as originally set forth by Donald McGavran - finding lost people who are receptive to the gospel, drawing them into the church, and making kingdom disciples. Gary has managed to disentangle himself from programs, techniques, and numbers and helps the reader focus on the biblical principles that will allow churches to reach their growth potential in following Jesus. His nine principles are freeing, liberating, insightful and helpful. Here the reader will find a balance between biblical principles, missiological theory, and spiritual formation. I am looking forward to using Biblical Church Growth in the classroom." --Dr. Jerry F. Reed, Professor of Evangelism, Church Growth, and Discipleship, North Park Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL

"Gary McIntosh knows biblical church growth as it really is. He has the credentials, teaching gifts, and practical experience with hundreds of churches to give you the glue for a faithful church." --Kent R. Hunter, The Church Doctor, Corunna, Indiana

"Biblical Church Growth will give back to the church its hope and optimism for a Great Commission ministry." --Bill M. Sullivan, Church of the Nazarene

"It is refreshing to have a church growth book that takes us back to basics. Gary McIntosh connects church leaders with the heartbeat of Donald McGavran, the undisputed father of the church growth movement." --Eddie Gibbs, Fuller Theological Seminary

"For many years critics have hounded church growth advocates for their failure to establish methodologies upon biblical foundations. Gary McIntosh has done a great service by addressing these issues in a powerful and cogent way." --Dr. Thom S. Rainer, Billy Graham School of Southern Seminary

"Gary McIntosh skillfully forges a step-by-step guidebook so that we can be instruments of Jesus to build His church today. No church leader should miss this strategic book." --C. Peter Wagner, Wagner Leadership Institute

"The significance of this book by Gary McIntosh is that it offers Biblical principles rather than temporary models for growth." --Dr. Waldo J. Werning, Discipling/Stewardship Center, Pewaukee, WI

"Reading Biblical Church Growth will refresh your passion for finding God's lost children and bringing them into responsible membership in His Church." --Jerry G. Pence, The Wesleyan Church International Center

"Every pastor in North America should read this book. Pastors and church leaders who take the biblical principles described in this book and make them a part of the DNA of their congregations will see their churches grow." --Charles Van Engen, Fuller Theological Seminary

"For the new generation of church leaders committed to effective evangelism, this book simplifies an otherwise complex challenge." --Charles Arn, President, Church Growth, Inc.

"Church Growth scholars are noted for drawing insights, through field research, from growing churches. McIntosh demonstrates that Church Growth's approach to informing mission and evangelism is, and always has been, powerfully rooted in the biblical revelation." --George G. Hunter, III, Asbury Theological Seminary

"Gary McIntosh has revisited what the Bible says about church growth to make sure everyone knows its biblical foundation." --Elmer L. Towns, Liberty University

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  1. Gary L. McIntosh

    Gary L. McIntosh

    Gary L. McIntosh (PhD, DMin, Fuller Theological Seminary) is president of the Church Growth Network and distinguished affiliate professor of Christian ministry and leadership at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. He is an internationally known...

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