Bedside Manners, Revised Edition

A Practical Guide to Visiting the Ill

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Do your palms sweat when you walk into a hospital to visit a critically ill friend? Do you want to visit your uncle in the nursing home but are unsure of what to say? Do you know someone with a terminal illness and feel helpless to comfort him or her? 

You're not alone.

Illness is a spiritual, emotional, and physical crisis. As a trained hospital counselor, Katie Maxwell knows that visitation takes practice and patience. She also knows the mistakes even a well-intentioned visitor can make and has made a few herself. In Bedside Manners, Maxwell offers valuable insight into visitation, whether it be in hospitals, nursing homes, or the homes of shut-ins. Writing from personal experience and drawing from appropriate Scripture references and various resources, Maxwell teaches you how to be open, compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive to a patient's needs and conditions.

Whether you're a pastor or counselor who is at a loss when encountering a critically ill person or just a friend seeking some intelligent advice, Bedside Manners will give you the encouragement you need to comfort the sick.

The Author

  1. Katie Maxwell

    Katie Maxwell

    Katie Maxwell is the executive director of church ministries at First Covenant Church in Sacramento, California. She has years of firsthand experience visiting in hospitals, in nursing homes, and with shut-ins. Before entering full-time ministry eleven years ago,...

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