Authority to Tread

A Practical Guide for Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare

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The battle starts on your knees. It ends in the strongest camps of the enemy. 

Many intercessors find that they are being called into the highest level of spiritual warfare. In Authority to Tread, Rebecca Greenwood explores every area of battle, from preparation strategies to praying on location. Let this tactical manual show you how to move in your God-given authority.


"I have served alongside Becca in the trenches on a prayer journey to Nepal just short of the foot of Mount Everest in 1997. She is a serious student and practitioner of all three levels of spiritual warfare and I am delighted that she has now become an excellent teacher of this highly specialized subject, drawing on her solid, extensive experience. What a delight for me personally to see the baton of strategic-level spiritual warfare passed into such capable hands of the next generation!"-Doris Wagner, executive vice president, Global Harvest Ministries

"Authority to Tread is a book that will strengthen your faith to achieve great things for God. Having mentored Becca, I can say she is humble, gentle, teachable, but a fierce warrior for the issues that are on God's heart. Her book reflects with honesty the joy of victory, as well as the lessons of failure. Becca is a seasoned intercessor, and she unfolds the strategies of warfare with clarity and skill. I highly recommend this easy reading and faith-building book to you."-Alice Smith, executive director, U.S. Prayer Center

"Authority to Tread is not another complex theological treatise on spiritual warfare and spiritual mapping. Not at all! It is a wonderfully clear, concise and, best of all, practical guide for every praying Christian written by an internationally experienced practitioner. Thanks, Becca!"-Eddie Smith, president, U.S. Prayer Center

"The Lord is leading us into a season to go deeper--deeper in understanding, deeper in confrontation. Authority to Tread is a practical guide to warfare that reveals the full scope of understanding the enemy in the atmosphere around you, in the land you walk on and in the societal structures that affect the way we live. Rebecca fully reveals how to get your feet planted firmly over the enemy's plan in your region."--Dr. Chuck D. Pierce, president, Glory of Zion International, Inc.; vice president, Global Harvest Ministries

"I love Becca Greenwood's approach to spiritual warfare: marriages on the brink of divorce are restored; a rock concert overtly propagating Satanism is thwarted; "gentlemen's clubs" are shut down and their clientele inexplicably flee the premises; thousands of Christians across the globe are led in informed, targeted spiritual warfare with a view to establishing God's Kingdom rule.
"I assure you, this is not the stuff of Sunday-school classes. Becca treats us to provocative insight into the believer's authority to reorder situations and circumstances through dynamic intercession and powerful spiritual warfare.
"Most of all, I like this book because Becca so eloquently reminds us of Jesus's words in Matthew 11:12: 'And from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and strong men and women who propagate the dynamic of God's reign are forcefully advancing the Kingdom.' (Italicized portion is a paraphrase from the original Greek translation.)"-Joseph Thompson, president, Light the Nations Ministries, Colorado Springs, author of I'm a Christian, So How Can I Have Demons?, coeditor of Out of Africa

"Authority to Tread encourages the reader to enlarge a personal prayer perspective to a global vision and to press forward into new vistas in partnership with the Lord. Rebecca Greenwood relates dynamic, real-life experiences in intercession, releasing faith and excitement in the power of prayer. This book will enrich your life!"-Lora Allison, president, Celebration International Ministries, author, Skinned Alive? The Importance of Covering

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  1. Rebecca Greenwood

    Rebecca Greenwood

    Rebecca Greenwood is co-founder and president of Christian Harvest International. A sought-after speaker, she has written Authority to Tread: An Intercessor's Guide to Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare and Breaking the Bonds of Evil: How to Set...

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