Adventures in Saying Yes

A Journey from Fear to Faith

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Adventures Await When You Overcome Fear

This is the story of a normal family of five living a very unusual life. The Medearis family has faced Middle Eastern prisons, death threats, being kicked out of a country two times, and war. It hasn't always been easy, but in the midst of it all, the invitation of Jesus to follow and not be afraid has won the day.

But this is more than just their story. It's also a guide to help you step out in bold faith. Whether the call of Jesus for you means international intrigue, giving up all you have for the poor, or simply being the suburban neighbor you were always meant to be, it's time to begin your own adventure! To live a life where fear takes a backseat and God takes the wheel. In the end, of course, there are no promises of an easy life or a path free of troubles. But enormous blessings await those who walk in faith.

It's time to go where Jesus is calling and do what God is doing. Don't put off the adventure he's been saving just for you.


Reading Adventures in Saying Yes is so much fun you don't realize at first how profound it is. But you know you've been transformed when your first response to an unexpected and slightly frightening opportunity is, Hmm . . . I bet Carl would say yes to this. Maybe I should say yes! In an era when people, races, religions, and countries are being torn apart by fear, this call to move past fear and follow Jesus into caring connections is essential reading.

Lynne Hybels, Advocate for Global Engagement, Willow Creek Community Church

You'll cry. You'll laugh. You'll shake your head in disbelief. But most of all, you'll never be the same after this book. It will inspire and ignite you to go beyond planning and start prophesying your way forward in life by saying yes to Jesus' nonstop invitations to join him in what he's already up to in the world.

Leonard Sweet, bestselling author, professor (Drew University, George Fox University, Tabor College), and chief contributor to

We are all looking for ways to be inspired and challenged in our life with Jesus. Carl's stories don't just entertain you (even though they will). They call you to live courageously in the face of your fears.

Jay Pathak, Senior Pastor, Mile High Vineyard Church, and coauthor of The Art of Neighboring

Daring to go where no man has gone before, not in theory but in life itself, Carl Medearis gives us a rare look into the utterly vulnerable, harrowing, massively uplifting, and often witty adventures of one who has dared to say yes in the face of fear for the sake of the good news. What's most amazing about this book is that it all actually happened. It is said the shortest distance between truth and the human heart is story, and this is what Carl gives us: true, transparent story that leads us to unmistakable truth. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Ted Dekker, New York Times bestselling author

The gospel of Jesus is not about security and segregation. It's about risk and hospitality. This is what Carl Medearis learned while living in Lebanon and shares in his thrilling book. Adventures in Saying Yes is a compelling call to embody the risky faith and radical hospitality of Jesus!

Brian Zahnd, Pastor of Word, Life Church (St. Joseph, MO), and author of A Farewell to Mars

For anyone who has ever given his or her life to follow Jesus, this book is a must read. It will press you toward a closer walk, a deeper love, and an undaunted life of following Jesus. Carl's writing is plain fun. He has a way of disarming the reader with his warm and engaging style, yet delivers deep biblical truth about what it means to be a fearless disciple. As a Lebanese immigrant to the States, I can promise you that Carl clearly understands the Lebanese culture and made me yearn for home. I was deeply moved by what God will do through us when we simply say yes.

Lina AbuJamra, MD, pediatric ER doctor and author of Stripped: When God's Call Turns From "Yes" to "Why Me?"

Even if you don't like biographical books by missionaries, you are going to love this one. It's so much more than the story of a family learning how to live gracefully among Muslims. This is a text on overcoming fear, learning how to trust strangers, and allowing God to guide all you do.

Tony Campolo, PhD, Eastern University

Each chapter blends extraordinary stories with those that you can easily relate to as Carl shares his adventures in working through fear and moving towards love. You'll finish this book feeling like you've made a new friend who has inspired you to take your next step toward Jesus.

Bruxy Cavey, Teaching Pastor, The Meeting House

Written with real-life integrity and humor, this story explodes with invitations--to risk, to trust, to imagine, to open, to more . . .

Wm. Paul Young, author of The Shack and Cross Roads

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  1. Carl Medearis

    Carl Medearis

    Thirty years of living in and traveling to the Middle East have given Carl Medearis ( a true insider's view of the region, making him one of a handful of American expert voices in the field of Arab-American and Muslim-Christian...

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    Chris Medearis

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