A Student's Guide to Sexual Integrity

God’s Plan for Sex and Your Body

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Honest Talk about Some of the Most Important Questions You'll Ever Face

Everybody's talking about sex these days, but it's hard to figure out who to listen to. There are a lot of disagreements and many harmful messages going around. So as you grow and mature, it's important that you're getting loving, biblically grounded answers to some of life's most embarrassing and confusing questions.

This must-have book for preteens and teens tackles the tough, sensitive issues of sexuality for today's kids. It is filled with honest, biblical, and age-appropriate information that

· answers delicate and taboo questions
· helps you navigate a sexually confused culture
· reveals God's beautiful plan for sex and sexuality
· equips you to make decisions that honor God and your body

There are also discussion questions to spark open conversations between you and your parents. This book is a powerful tool that will help you live a life of sexual integrity and grow up to be healthy, happy, and wise.


"Jim Burns is a great man. In this new, wonderful book, he maps out all the outside influences that can weaken a student's integrity. I highly suggest this book for any parent, grandparent, teacher, and youth leader so they can help build integrity in today's students."

Stephen Arterburn, bestselling author and founder of New Life Live!

"In A Student's Guide to Sexual Integrity, Dr. Burns speaks from a wealth of experience and writes in a clear and compelling fashion. He tackles the toughest issues with both sensitivity and wisdom. I will be recommending this book for a long time."

Sean McDowell, PhD, professor at Biola University, YouTuber, and author of many books, including Chasing Love

"Every teen in America is a victim of sexualization, and it is one of the biggest contributors to depression, anxiety, broken relationships, and more. Jim Burns's A Student's Guide to Sexual Integrity gives kids concrete ways to resist this cultural phenomenon and fight back. As a pediatrician with over thirty years of experience, I can tell you that teens want adults to talk about this and help them! That's exactly what this book accomplishes."

Meg Meeker, MD, bestselling author of Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

The Authors

  1. Jim Burns
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    Jim Burns

    Jim Burns is the president of HomeWord. He speaks to thousands of people around the world each year and has more than three million resources in print in twenty languages. He primarily writes and speaks on strong marriages, confident parents, empowered kids,...

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  2. Erin Mashaw
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    Erin Mashaw

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