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A Reformation Debate

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In 1539 Cardinal Jacopo Sadoleto, Bishop of Carpentras, France, sent a letter to the magistrates and citizens of Geneva asking them to return to the Catholic faith. A few months later, John Calvin replied to Sadoleto, defending the Protestant reforms.

The letters of Calvin and Sadoleto comprise one of the most interesting exchanges of Catholic-Protestant views of the Reformation era. Together, they form an excellent introduction to the great religious controversy of the sixteenth century and important background for todays Protestant-Catholic conversations.


The Authors

  1. John Calvin

    John Calvin

    Benjamin Wirt Farley is Younts Professor Emeritus of Bible, Religion, and Philosophy at Erskine College. He is the translator of John Calvin's Sermons on the Ten Commandments.

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  2. Jacopo Sadoleto

    Jacopo Sadoleto

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