A House United

How Christ-Centered Unity Can End Church Division

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Bring unity out of division!

Few works of the enemy are as destructive to the Body of Christ as a church split. Once a wedge is driven into the heart of a congregation, the result is usually bitterness, grief, even hatred among those who are called to live together in love.

Wounded flocks and broken pastors have had little direction for the road back to wholeness--until now. As author Francis Frangipane shines the bright light of Scripture into the shadows of division, he exposes the demonic curse at work. He explains what to do if your church is caught in this turmoil and reveals biblical safeguards against future strife.

If you have experienced strain in the past or recognize a storm brewing in the present, let A House United guide you to restoration and peace. Frangipane shows you how to obtain once more the "unoffendable" heart of Jesus Christ.

The Author

  1. Francis Frangipane

    Francis Frangipane

    Francis Frangipane is the senior minister of River Life Ministries and the author of twelve books, including This Day We Fight! A pastor since 1972, he travels throughout the world ministering to thousands of pastors in hundreds of cities. He and his...

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"None of us escape the pain of a polarized congregation or a small group of dissatisfied members. Many get vocal in their opposition; some get vicious. Our brother Francis Frangipane weaves together insights that come from the deep wells of scripture and the crucible of his own ministry. You'll find practical wisdom and personal healing."--Phil Miglioratti, Praying Pastor, National Pastors Prayer Network, http://prayingpastorblog.blogspot.com/