A Good and True Story

Eleven Clues to Understanding Our Universe and Your Place in It

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Young adults today want authentic answers to their soul-deep questions about God. They want meaningful ways to communicate those answers to others. Most of all, they want to know that they are living a life that matters.

In A Good and True Story, philosopher, apologist, and international speaker Paul Gould leads readers on an engaging journey through eleven clues that suggest Christianity is not only true but satisfies our deepest longings. This creative foray into the foundations of Christian truth explores the universe, morality, happiness, pain, beauty, and more for readers looking for culturally informed apologetics.

Ideal for college-age and twentysomething readers, small group leaders, and anyone interested in the intersection of faith, philosophy, and culture, A Good and True Story reminds readers that their search for identity and purpose is a gift from a loving and purposeful God.

Introduction: The Search
1. The Universe
2. Life
3. Species
4. Humans
5. Morality
6. Meaning
7. Happiness
8. Pain
9. Love
10. Beauty
11. Religion


"I am really excited about A Good and True Story. It draws the reader in as if it were a novel. It is accessible, conversational, and full of stories and illustrations. Moreover, the amount of research and breadth of topics covered are impressive. While this book will make apologetics accessible to a broad Christian audience, its main purpose is achieved with excellence: to have an honest, thoughtful conversation with an unbeliever so he or she will have to consider the credentials of Christianity. This is now the best book to give to an unbelieving friend or relative. I loved reading this book, and so will you."

J. P. Moreland, distinguished professor of philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University; author of A Simple Guide to Miracles

"In his wonderfully engaging style, Gould takes the reader on a grand expedition in search of the cosmic narrative that best explains the human experience of the world. As a well-seasoned trail guide, he leads the reader past majestic vistas and through rocky terrain, pointing out the signposts that are crucial to the journey. With remarkable clarity, he maps out a narrative that, unlike nontheistic alternatives, is intellectually and spiritually satisfying--a glorious, humane story that gives each of us an objectively meaningful identity, legitimizes our yearning for the transcendent, and offers ultimate hope."

Melissa Cain Travis, distinguished fellow of great books and philosophy, Southeastern University; author of Science and the Mind of the Maker

"Aristotle said that philosophy begins with wonder. We human beings are all philosophers; each of us has a philosophy of life. But does my philosophy of life satisfactorily address the wide range of fundamental questions each worldview must answer? Paul Gould is a seasoned guide for the reader who is curious about the world and its workings, the nature of our humanity as well as one's personal identity, the 'pursuit of happiness,' and what's behind it all--the source of purpose, meaning, and healing for our brokenness. Indeed, there is one story to rule them all, to make the best sense of the way things are and ought to be. Gould's well-crafted book points us to a God of love who appears in Jesus of Nazareth to rescue us, to unite us to our Creator, and to restore us to what we were meant to be."

Paul Copan, Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics, Palm Beach Atlantic University; author of Loving Wisdom: A Guide to Philosophy and Christian Faith

"Gould's A Good and True Story invites the reader to sojourn with him through the human experience. His narrative-driven exploration of this life--from the eye-opening scientific facts to the wonder of beauty--provides a unique opportunity to wander into life's deepest questions. Gould's work is an accessible, relatable, and humorous quest to discover our personal story in and through the story of the world."

Mary Jo Sharp, assistant professor of apologetics, Houston Baptist University

"For many of us, Paul Gould has been a primary voice pointing to a proper embrace of Christian faith as true, good, and beautiful. Seeing the gospel as a blend of reason and romance is paradigmatically Gouldian. In this book, he walks with us as our guide--along with other guides, such as Ladies Nature and Philosophy, Lewis, Chesterton, Pascal, and a wonderful variety of movies, plays, and literature--leading us on the journey to see the Christian story as the greatest possible story. Be careful: If you read this book, you may just find your true name."

Travis Dickinson, professor of philosophy, Dallas Baptist University

The Author

  1. Paul M. Gould
    Palm Beach Atlantic University

    Paul M. Gould

    Paul M. Gould (PhD, Purdue University) is associate professor of philosophy and director of the philosophy of religion master's program at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is the founder and president of the Two Tasks...

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