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360-Degree Preaching

Hearing, Speaking, and Living the Word

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Preaching Magazine's 2003 Book of the Year

"[Quicke] challenges a popular metaphor for preaching, suggests a better alternative, and encourages preachers. The result is a book that takes seriously the challenges of preaching in the 21st century but faces them with a hopefulness rooted in God's character and activity."--Evangelical Homiletics Society

Much of the malaise of the mainstream Western church results directly from preaching that is far from healthy. A surprising number of new books have been thrown at the problem, advocating fresh styles and techniques or simply restating the case for traditional expository preaching, but preachers are left overwhelmed and confused and their listeners remain just plain bored.

With 360-Degree Preaching, veteran preacher Michael Quicke brings expository preaching to a postmodern world. As someone who preaches every Sunday, he has witnessed the transforming power of preaching first hand for over thirty years. As he teaches students and pastors the art of preaching, his goal is to encourage preachers and those who train to be preachers.

In part 1, Quicke offers some vital principles for biblical preaching. He examines the scriptural roots of preaching and the importance of preaching throughout church history. He analyses the current situation and suggests that the way forward lies in a recommitment to preaching's Trinitarian dynamic, which Quick calls "360-degree preaching." He calls for courageous and thoughtful engagement with culture and examines the effect of a preacher's spirituality upon preaching. He rounds out this first section with implications for preaching in our changing times.

Part 2 focuses on preaching practices and invites preachers to join in the "preaching swim," Quicke's model for the rigorous practical journey all preachers make each time they preach: immersion in Scripture, interpretation for today, sermon design, sermon delivery, and outcome. The book concludes with a sermon evaluation form and a sample sermon produced according to the model Quicke offers.

360-Degree Preaching is a vital tool for preaching students preparing for ministry and pastors looking for fresh insight into communicating to postmodern parishoners.


"Michael Quicke has written a comprehensive and practical guide to developing sermons. Throughout, his clear voice, engaging personality, honest mind, and deep passion for the gospel are present."--Thomas G. Long, Bandy Professor of Preaching, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

"In a novel and fascinating manner, Michael Quicke reflects on the 360-degree view of preaching with passion and realism. Throughout, Quicke teases out the dynamic and mysterious contribution that God makes in regard to the speaker, the hearers, and all those committed to living out the Word. For the budding preacher considering the first plunge or the seasoned preacher seeking to stay fresh, this book is a valuable coaching manual."--Dr. Geoff Pound, principal, Whitley College, Melbourne

"Michael Quicke's love of preaching is both obvious and contagious. His masterful grasp of what's good and what's not about today's pulpit makes for an informative, challenging, and hope-filled read. His invitation to get more deeply involved in 'the preaching swim' excites us."--David and Karen Mains, codirectors, Mainstay Ministries

"Energetic. Vibrant. Dynamic. Authentic. Sane. Spiritual. Overflowing. Michael Quicke has written a wonderful introduction to preaching that is comprehensive without being trite. It provides inspirational instruction for new preachers and will refresh experienced and tired preachers. I have benefited from this book myself and look forward to using it in the classroom."--Derek Tidball, principal, London Bible College

"I long for books on preaching that stress the principles of consistency, encounter, and application within a biblical framework while understanding the paradigm shifts of our age. Books that stimulate, risk, and provide workable models stir the preacher's soul. It's no surprise that Michael Quicke has produced such a book. I certainly will recommend 360-Degree Preaching to my seminary students and fellow pastors."--Ross Clifford, principal, Morling College, Australia

"Preachers today face many challenges, and Michael Quicke is well aware of them. Far from finding reason for despair, he has responded with an inspiring vision of the preaching task. His book contains many practical hints for novices and experienced preachers alike, but its greatest value resides in the theological foundation it lays down. With his picture of the 'preaching swim,' he sketches a trinitarian perspective on preaching, helping us to see that 'preaching empowered by Father, Son, and Holy Spirit has the potential to impact people unlike any other form of communication.'"--Nigel G. Wright, principal, Spurgeon's College, London

"Keenly attending to, and drawing deft samples from, current professional conversations about the practice of preaching, Michael Quicke shapes for his listeners an energetic sense of the state of the art. Addressing directly the challenges of preaching in postmodern society, he deploys crisply focused strategies for step-by-step entry into the creative discipline of sermon crafting. His method is tendered with gracious hospitality to varieties of theological perspective and personal style. Quicke is both challenging and compassionate as a preaching player-coach."--David J. Schlafer, preaching consultant with Homiletical Formation

"Michael Quicke's passion for the preaching ministry and his wide reflection on its dynamics shine throughout this book. He offers an enthusiastic vision of the theology and practice of preaching, equally well rooted in Scripture and in contemporary cultural realities. This book will be an excellent and practical resource for students and teachers of preaching and a welcome stimulus for experienced preachers who have lost the vision, the fire, or the way."--Stephen Wright, director, College of Preachers, United Kingdom

"Michael Quicke offers helpful insights for preachers who want to do more than tread water in the pulpit. His concept of preaching as a 360-degree event is an idea every preacher needs to grasp, and his chapter on the preaching swim is worth the cost of the book. Quicke speaks to his fellow preachers with warmth, energy, and an insight from which we can all benefit. I would recommend this book to any preacher!"--Michael Duduit, editor, Preaching Magazine and

"The power of a holistic engagement with Scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit come together in this wise and comprehensive book. For Michael Quicke, 360-degree preaching is 'not telling good news; it is good news.' And that's good news for those who would understand and address a new generation with authenticity and hope. An insightful and reliable guide whose preaching has been proven in the crucible of congregational life, Quicke offers a method that goes beyond the traditional catalogue of skills and techniques. His call is for a renewed spirituality that sees preachers and preaching for what they can be-transformational."--Barry Morrison, Gladstone Professor of Preaching and Worship, Acadia Divinity College

"What I most appreciate about 360-Degree Preaching is its emphasis on the life of God that can and must penetrate every aspect of preaching. Quicke urges complete dependence on God's power and movement in the ministry of the Word. The book is well-informed, balanced, and most wonderfully worshipful, showing how God is glorified in anointed speaking. I recommend it wholeheartedly."--Craig Brian Larson, editor of Preaching Resources for Christianity Today International

The Author

  1. Michael J. Quicke

    Michael J. Quicke

    Michael J. Quicke is C. W. Koller Professor of Preaching and Communication at Northern Seminary in the Chicago area and preaches and lectures across the world. He is the author of 360-Degree Preaching and 360-Degree Leadership and lives in Illinois.

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Preaching Magazine's 2003 Book of the Year
One of the 25 Most Influential Preaching Books of the Past 25 Years, Preaching Magazine (2010)

"A rich and fascinating discussion of the challenge of biblical preaching in today's culture. . . . Quicke speaks to his fellow preachers with warmth, energy, and an insight from which we can all benefit. 360-Degree Preaching is an important and thoughtful book that is worth the attention of anyone concerned about preaching."--Michael Duduit, Preaching

"Outstanding. . . . An important and thoughtful book that is worth the attention of anyone concerned about preaching."--PreachingNow

"Following in the footsteps of such classics as Biblical Preaching and Between Two Worlds, Quicke has written a book that will deepen your understanding of preaching, challenge you to live a life that is consistent with the gospel you preach, and will likely transform the quality of your sermons." (enewsletter for pastors)

"I liked the book and believe it to be valuable. You can't read it all at one sitting . . . but the message lingers."--Anthony Laird, Leadership Journal

"Many books on preaching seek to instruct us, but few these days try to inspire us. Even fewer succeed at it. But Michael Quicke has written a book that does both. In 360 Degree Preaching, he challenges a popular metaphor for preaching, suggests a better alternative, and encourages preachers. The result is a book that takes seriously the challenges of preaching in the 21st century but faces them with a hopefulness rooted in God's character and activity." --Evangelical Homiletics Society

"This helpful book offers some vital principles for biblical preaching and focuses on preaching practice."--Carl E. Linder, Lutheran Partners

"This book . . . outlines [Quicke's] best thinking on preaching. 360-Degree Preaching really is a useful and important contribution to the practical literature on preaching. . . . I recommend that preachers young and old purchase and read this book."--L. Russ Bush III, Faith & Mission

"This book is a 'doable' guide to assist preachers in crafting sermons that address the realities at work within their congregation."--Christian Chronicle

"Preachers will find helpful reminders and fresh challenges."--Paul Koptak, Covenant Quarterly