Preparing a Proposal for Chosen Books

Whether you are developing an idea for a book or have a completed manuscript, you must supply us with a proposal in order for your work to be considered. In your introductory email, please include your name, address, phone number, and title of your book. Include these on this proposal form as well.

The questions below will help us evaluate your material. Please answer as thoroughly as possible and return this form, with the requested material, to one of the individuals listed at the end of the form.

About Your Book

  1. What is your suggested title?

  2. What is your suggested subtitle?

  3. What are some alternate titles/subtitles?

  4. Which of the following categories best describes your book:

  1. How would you describe the content of your book in one sentence (e.g., “There are seven biblical principles for dream interpretation that will help you hear God’s voice in the night”)?

  2. What is the theme of your book—the primary message you want to relay?

  3. Write one paragraph that gives a fuller description of your book. Where does your passion lie for your material?

  4. What is the word count?

  5. When do you expect to complete the manuscript?

  6. Please attach a table of contents with a few sentences about each chapter.

  7. Please attach two sample chapters.

About the Audience for Your Book

  1. What is the main demographic group you are targeting?
  1. What books have been published similar to yours? (Please list titles, authors, publishers, years of publication.) How does yours differ?

  2. What felt needs are you appealing to in your readers? What about your book will draw someone to read it?

  3. What specific benefits will a person receive from reading your book?

About You

  1. Please provide your contact information—email address, physical mailing address, phone number(s), website if applicable.

  2. Please write a one-paragraph author bio, including your educational background and church affiliation.

  3. Along with your personal experience, what qualifies you to write on this topic?

  4. Describe your platform, including your speaking experience and online presence. Please note numbers of followers where applicable (e.g., website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

  5. What speaking engagements or promotional opportunities do you realistically anticipate if your book is published?

  6. Are there media possibilities you can realistically anticipate?

  7. What leaders do you know who might endorse your book or write a foreword?

  8. What other tools or ideas will help promote your book?

  9. Have you written other books? Identify the publisher, copyright date and approximate sales.

  10. Do you have ideas for future books you would like to write? Include a suggested title and one-sentence description for each.

How to Submit

This proposal should be sent as an email attachment to Jane Campbell, Editorial Director, at or Kim Bangs, Senior Acquisitions Editor, at

Thank you for considering Chosen Books.