Blogger Review FAQs

Thank you for wanting to learn more about our program. We have set these guidelines in place in order to be fair to everyone participating.

How does this program work?
We offer to bloggers free review copies each month in exchange for them posting honest reviews, at least 75 words long (not including a plot synopsis), on their blog and a retailer website. Each month we send out a newsletter, one for fiction and one for nonfiction, listing the titles available for review (generally they are the new titles releasing that month). Bloggers can request one title for review each month. A limited number of review copies are available for each title, so review copies are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. A follow-up email confirming what titles they will receive is sent to the approved list of reviewers for that month.

Do I have to have a blog to be in this program?
Yes, a public blog is required. Posting reviews on retailer websites, Facebook, or book websites like Goodreads or LibraryThing is great, but only doing that doesn’t fully meet our requirements. Your blog must be in existence when you sign up to be a part of our program and accessible by the general public. Rare exceptions to this would be if you are a freelancer whose reviews appear on various non-retailer, non-social media websites or in print.

Am I required to finish a book I’ve agreed to review?
In the event you aren’t enjoying the book, we don’t require you to finish it, but we do expect the same thoughtfulness and consideration to go in a negative review as much as a positive one.

How do I submit my review links?
Please use the form on the website to submit your review links.

What is a direct link?
It is a link to your review that will take me directly to your review, NOT simply to your blog’s homepage. We are not always able to visit your blog on the day you notify us of posting, so the review can get lost among your more recent posts. It is helpful if we don’t have to dig through your archives to find the right post. So please do not submit your general blog address (ex. You can usually get the direct link by clicking on the title of your blog post, once it’s made public. You should be redirected to a page on your blog that only features that particular blog post. Copying the web address from that page would be a direct link and should resemble

I’ve moved. How do I update my mailing address?
Please fill out your information in the updated information form. Your account will automatically be updated. Also, only one review copy will be sent per address, even if there are multiple reviewers at that address.

I’ve changed emails. How do I update my email address?
Our blogger program creates accounts based on email address. So each new email address needs to have a new account created with it. If you have a new email address, please re-enter your information in the sign-up form and send us a note through our contact form with your old email address so we can delete the outdated account.

I haven’t received my book yet. Did it get lost in the mail?
Books are usually mailed out within three weeks of your receiving the email confirming that you’ll receive a review copy. If you haven’t received the book within 4-6 weeks, please contact us using this form. We are unable to resend books to reviewers should their address have been incorrect at the time of the mailing.

How do I request more books to review?
At this time, you can only request one print book per month to review through this program. If you are interested in reviewing more titles from us, you can become a member of NetGalley and request through that service electronic copies of the book for review. You cannot request backlist titles for review at this time.

When and where should I post my review?
We ask that you post a review within one month of the receipt of your book. Per the agreement you make with us when you sign up, you are required to post reviews on a blog and on a retailer’s website.

Was I chosen to review a book?
We send out an email confirming which title reviewers will be receiving, based on their requests. Not all requests are filled each month, so if you did not receive a confirmation email, you will not receive a title that month.

I forgot what book from you I was supposed to review. Can you tell me which ones I haven’t reviewed for you yet?
Unfortunately, no. With more than 3,000 members to this program, we are not able to answer individual requests like this. We trust that you will be diligent to keep track of what titles you review and not request more titles to review than you can remember or handle.

I was sent a NetGalley widget, but I can’t download it to my particular device, or I am having another technical problem. What should I do?
If something has gone wrong with the NetGalley widget, it is almost always a problem with your account or device, and not something we have the ability to fix or address from our end. NetGalley has a great troubleshooting resource that will walk you through most of the problems you will encounter. You can search for an answer to your particular question there. If that doesn’t help, please contact NetGalley.