When God Goes to Starbucks

A Guide to Everyday Apologetics

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Guidance for those deep coffeehouse conversations about God 

What do you say when someone raises tough objections to the Christian worldview, like

In When God Goes to Starbucks, renowned apologetics expert Paul Copan tackles these and other vexing questions. He offers wise and relevant answers that will not only help you clarify your own beliefs but empower you to articulate those beliefs to others.


"This book is classic Copan: thoughtful, respectful, well-reasoned, and ultimately persuasive. Open it up, grab a cup of coffee, and join the conversation!"--Lee Strobel, author, The Case for Christ and The Case for the Real Jesus

"If you want sound apologetics made relevant--here it is! From ethics to eschatology, Dr. Copan provides clear, orthodox, practical, accessible, and necessary answers to questions that stymie seekers and galvanize skeptics against historic Christianity."--Hank Hanegraaff, president, Christian Research Institute; host, Bible Answer Man broadcast

"I love this book. Its structure--truth, God, and Jesus--is precisely what's needed in our relativistic time. Its arguments--careful, logical, and most of all fair-minded--speak eloquently in our sound-bite world. Starbucks is a perfect place to enjoy apologetic dialogue. Copan's book will get you ready."--Dr. David K. Clark, lead pastor, Faith Covenant Church; professor of Theology, Bethel Seminary, Twin Cities, Minnesota

The Author

  1. Paul Copan

    Paul Copan

    Paul Copan (PhD, Marquette University), a Christian theologian, analytic philosopher, and apologist, is the Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida. For 6 years, he served as president of the...

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"An excellent and comprehensive resource to help Christians contend with controversial questions about their faith. Copan writes eloquently and respectfully on social and moral themes. . . . Though each topic is approached with care, Copan does not flinch from a biblical stance and delineates each problem with exemplary thoroughness. Thoughtful readers will find great value in his approach to unpacking Christian slogans as related to truth and reality, worldviews and religious belief systems. He expertly unmasks the problematic 'personal autonomy' philosophy that makes 'sweeping relativistic claims, but then tacks on absolute, inviolable standards at the end.' Copan's skillful approach to apologetics provides ample information on hot-topic themes."--Publishers Weekly

"Copan does an excellent job. . . . His training in philosophy is evident, as he understands the issues well, and presents cogent and reasoned positions. Highly recommended for Christians who want to engage friends and neighbors in a winsome and respectful manner."--CBA Retailers + Resources

"More than ever, tough questions from friends and neighbors naturally arise in relaxed conversations. . . . Copan offers readers solid and caring responses to these concerns. Each chapter provides a biblical stance with exemplary thoroughness and points for countering the questions people ask believers today. He expertly unmasks the problematic personal autonomy philosophy that makes sweeping relativistic claims, but then tacks on absolute, inviolable standards at the end. Copan's skillful approach to apologetics provides ample information on hot-topic themes."--Enrichment Journal