Thirsty for More

Discovering God’s Unexpected Blessings in a Desert Season

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When it comes to our connection with God, we dread "dry seasons," when we feel far from our life-sustaining Creator and redeemer. We want to dwell in lush valleys, not wander in trackless deserts. And yet, during the first three centuries of the church, many men and women purposefully moved into deserts to seek God. They understood something that we have missed: a desert is not a place of vast nothingness, but a place where we can truly experience God's provision, restoration, and intimacy.

Through Scripture and personal stories of her own times of waiting and struggle, Allison Allen offers a fresh perspective for women who dare to believe that God is doing something of eternal value in their dry seasons. She shows how God can use these times in our lives to reveal himself to us, to give us rest, to get our attention, to show us our strength, to experience his blessings, and more. Any woman who has been feeling spiritually sapped will welcome this refreshing message of hope.


"I love this book. It's an honest, refreshing look at the seasons in life when we wonder where God is. Allison reminds us that even when the ground feels dry, God is on the move."

Sheila Walsh, cohost of LIFE Today and author of It's Okay Not to Be Okay

"I just love Allison Allen! She has a heart of gold and a deep spiritual well. She's crafted a beautiful work here. Allison's message speaks to the countless women who feel dry and parched, worn out and weary from a long, arduous journey. If you need a friend to encourage you onward, if you thirst for honest and divine insights for navigating this dry season, you've come to the right place. Soak in every word. You'll be refreshed and encouraged in the process."

Susie Larson, radio host, bestselling author, national speaker

"In my experience, the 'veil gets thinner' during desert seasons, allowing us to see God more clearly. My dear friend Allison expounds on that theme so beautifully in Thirsty for More that you may just find yourself longing for a little more sand in your life!"

Lisa Harper, bestselling author and Bible teacher

"I love anything Allison Allen says, writes, or performs. This former Broadway actor delighted my heart and mind as we worked together in Women of Faith conferences. Her new book Thirsty for More speaks gently and encouragingly to those whose lives feel more like a scorching desert than a bubbling mountain stream. As Allison shares some of her own desert-like experiences, the reader feels understood and even hopeful that the desert way may well be the best water source for a parched soul."

Marilyn Meberg, author and speaker

"I wished someone had given me this book years ago when I was about to walk through the driest season of my life. I couldn't see my destiny and I certainly couldn't see any blessings coming from my pain. Thirsty for More is a pivotal book for every one of us to dive into. It offers so much hope whether you're in a desert or about to walk through one. Allison has such a powerful way of equipping us for such a journey and pointing us to the One who not only transforms a surrendered heart but uncovers the richest of blessings through it all. You are not alone and your destiny awaits you on the other side of your desert."

Tammy Trent, singer, songwriter, author of Learning to Breathe Again

"Thirsty for More is a powerful read from beginning to end. Allen walks us through our desert seasons with spiritual depth, raw authenticity, and encouragement to persevere in the hard seasons. After reading, I feel more confident that my joy in being a 'Desert Daughter' is an invitation for a closer intimacy with our Father. Journeying the unknown path of trust reveals a hope perspective and the tenacity to journey on, even if we're scared. Thirsty for More is like having a conversation with a dear friend; a refreshing, permission-giving read of honesty, Jesus, and more."

Bekah Jane Pogue, author of Choosing REAL, speaker, founder of Pasture

"For those who feel trapped in the fear of not enough, Allison Allen's Thirsty for More is a refreshing reminder of the hope we have when we trust God as our ultimate Provider."

Constance Rhodes, founder and CEO, FINDINGbalance, Inc.; author of Life Inside the "Thin" Cage

"Allison Allen's writing is a gift. Her ability to paint pictures with words had me standing next to her in every moment as she walked me through her wilderness. She beautifully shows that the desolate and forsaken place each of us claw and scratch against going into isn't as barren as we think. Drawing parallels between today's world and Scripture, Allison reveals how we are allured by our Father into the desert. Highlighting how he can use every moment to reveal himself and refine our hearts. This book allowed me to both see the despair yet experience the hope of life's wilderness."

Jo Dee Messina, Grammy-nominated country music artist

"This book is profound. Allison reminds us that we are not alone in times of drought. Her perspective on the valleys of our lives helped me see that tough times are an opportunity that should not be wasted. This is a must-read."

Shelene Bryan, author of Love Skip Jump, founder of

"What a timely word in a day and age where the world tells us to do what makes us the happiest and to choose the easiest road possible. But we know that is not what our Savior did for us. Even though hardship is guaranteed, he promises that he will be in the midst of it with us. Allison has written a very needed and encouraging word. I guarantee whether or not you are in a desert place, you will be deeply blessed by this. We have oftentimes, as painful as it is, learned the most valuable things in the darkest of places. I pray that you would come to a more beautiful understanding about the depths of God's love for you as you read through the pages of this book."

Jeremy and Adrienne Camp, Christian recording artists

"As children of the Most High God, we live for the closeness we get to experience with our Father, for the promises he makes us. But I, like all believers do, have found myself standing on the dry, cracked clay of a desert floor, in the midst of a barren land, calling out his name, unsure of where he was. I know in my heart the truth that the presence of the Lord is always near, but Allison Allen transformed this truth into revelation for me through Thirsty for More. She does a beautiful job of reminding the heart that we enter the desert because we've sought and have been sought after, because God can show us his true heart for us in the vast expanse of no distractions. Thank you, Allison, for reminding me that the desert is a place of hope and not despair!"

Melissa Reeves, Emmy-nominated actress, Days of Our Lives

"I love, love, love this book! The desert is a lonely place, if you feel like you're walking alone or can't see God's footprints in the dry, sandy soil. And if not careful, we can get stuck there, far longer than God ever intended us to. And if we plant the wrong seeds in the desert, we may taste their bitter fruit for a very long time. Meet your new GPS in to the land of milk and honey! Her name is Allison and her words in Thirsty for More are like water to a parched, dry mouth. She'll give you eyes to see the beauty that's all around you, and she will hold your hand, all the way through to the other side!"

Michele Pillar, speaker, singer, creator of The Clothesline Women's Conference and author of Untangled: The Truth Will Set You Free

"Each follower of Jesus will have times of wandering through seemingly endless desert places, and yet as Allison so clearly and passionately details, these are not times of little value. Allison communicates with a passion, experience, and wisdom that can only come through having navigated her own personal deserts. If we are open, beyond the print can be found the Truth and Presence of God--strength, blessing, companionship, and an assured hope for the path ahead."

Pastor Steve Berger, Grace Chapel, Leiper's Fork, TN

"My dear friend Allison has a way with words. Whether you're reading or listening aloud, her words capture the heart and lead one forward, pulling, tugging, encouraging onward until the heart is free. Allison teaches us that in the dry desert places, God is doing a deeper work. Don't rush the process! Moving forward may just mean remaining still for a time."

Sarah Berger, Grace Chapel, Leiper's Fork, TN

"Every one of us has our own personal seasons where we search for God in the void of life's circumstances. Allison invites us to plop down beside her as she reveals her own desert journey and how through its dry vast emptiness she found the quenching rivers of our heavenly Father. Through Allison's genuine transparency, we learn we are connected through the very fabric of our painful paths to those of our biblical ancestors to find healing and profound love in an ever-present God. Her story is overflowing with hope, and reveals to us that even the most beautiful flowers can bloom in the desert."

Shannon DeGarmo, speaker; author of The Bounce Back Woman; featured contributor of Keep the Faith Radio

"Reading Allison Allen's prose is like listening to Mozart or Beethoven. Each finely tuned word leads us in and around dry, arid deserts then brings us out into lush valleys. Thirsty for More leaves us thirsty for more of Allison's wisdom, insight, and strength. I am astounded by her God-given talent and will be recommending this book for years to come."

Lisa Patton, bestselling author of Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter and Rush

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