The Forgotten Ways Handbook

A Practical Guide for Developing Missional Churches

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In his bestselling missional book The Forgotten Ways, internationally known missional church expert Alan Hirsch offered a vision for the future growth of the church coming about by harnessing the power of the early church. Now The Forgotten Ways Handbook moves beyond theory to practice, offering ways for any missionally minded person to apply the ideas contained in The Forgotten Ways to their life and ministry.

This intensely practical handbook includes many helpful tools: summary sections encapsulating the ideas contained in each chapter in a popular way; suggested practices to help readers embed missional paradigms concretely; and adult learning-based techniques and examples from other churches and organizations that enable readers to process and assimilate the ideas in a group context.


"The business of engaging in mission to the West begins with a new imagination or, as Alan says, 'a new way of thinking.' Imagination and thought need to be grounded in practical reality. Alan and Darryn use the classic action learning model to great effect in making profound concepts useful in the art of movement making. I like the realism which says, don't try all of these ideas at once but use them as suggestions. This workbook could be the most helpful tool you will acquire this year."--Martin Robinson, Together in Mission

"At last, a practical guide for missional leaders! In this unique work, you have not only a wealth of real-life leadership ideas, reflections, and practices but also a deep reservoir of biblical insights that will position you and your community in the center of where God is and where he's taking the church."--Hugh Halter, author of The Tangible Kingdom

"It seems that in every book he writes, Alan Hirsch puts into words what God's Spirit is breathing into the church today. The Forgotten Ways Handbook is a wonderful tool to help leaders translate the timeless truths on which the church is built into anointed actions that bring the authentic church to life again in this generation."--Steven M. Pike, Assemblies of God Church Multiplication Network

"My friend Alan is a true genius. In The Forgotten Ways, he set out the needed impulses and environmental ingredients to catalyze a true missional movement. In this handbook, he breaks it down into simple steps that can open our eyes to see what is missing and what is working. This is not just another repackaging of content to sell more books. This is actually advancing the concepts and bringing them down into the place where they can truly ignite change. If you read The Forgotten Ways and found yourself excited but were left wondering how do I do this? you need to read and distribute this book."--Neil Cole, author of Organic Leadership

"The Forgotten Ways Handbook is a crucial tool for every church planter and missional leader. This is a must read for every leader and team who wants to develop the necessary habits and practices to insure your community is on the Jesus Mission. I'm looking forward to going through this with my team!"--Dave Ferguson, author of The Big Idea

"Two years ago, I insisted that Church Planting Canada get my friend Alan Hirsch to come to Canada and speak out of his experience about where the church was going. The Shaping of Things to Come had been an influential book in Canada, and I knew of the soon-to-come release of The Forgotten Ways and the impact that this book would have on our efforts to become more missional in this country. Time has proven that I grossly underestimated both the impact of Alan's words at our national event and the impact of The Forgotten Ways in our country.

For too long there has been talk about the missional church without enough discussion about how it is worked out in local communities of faith. Now with the release of Alan's The Forgotten Way's Handbook, the conversation is changing. Although I will of course recommend it to the national circles I am fortunate to be a part of, I will be much more selfish. I will get copies for the leaders in our church and immediately begin to use it for their development, and the unleashing of a fresh imagination for us as a community. The emphasis on Jesus as Lord is crucial for disciples in the Canadian context. The discussion of moving from values to practices is essential. Avoiding the suggested exercises in each of the components of the Apostolic Genius will cost the reader more than they can imagine.

The times are changing, and although we will need to continue to think deeply in areas of theology, missiology, and ecclesiology, we need to gain a fresh imagination on what this could look like in our congregations. We have talked a missional language, but been stuck in our practices from Christendom. This book is an essential first step in moving from maintenance to a truly missional position."--Cam Roxburgh, national director of Church Planting Canada

The Authors

  1. Alan Hirsch

    Alan Hirsch

    Alan Hirsch is founder of Forge Mission Training Network, Future Travelers, and 100Movements. He has authored numerous award-winning books, including The Shaping of Things to Come; ReJesus; The Faith of Leap; Untamed; Right Here,...

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  2. Darryn Altclass

    Darryn Altclass

    Darryn Altclass is a practitioner with direct, current experience in initiating and developing the incarnational approach in difficult social settings in Australia.

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"Handbooks which are published to follow-up (cash in on?) the success of books are in my experience almost always a disappointment. It seems as if the publisher has paid someone to think of some applications and questions that anyone could have thought of for themselves. The Forgotten Ways Handbook is a clear exception to this rule. . . . The core content of the book is summarized at the beginning of the chapter . . . and this is then followed by genuinely helpful and insightful ideas. This is a great book for anyone leading missional communities or wanting to move in that direction."--Tim Chester,

"An innovative book. . . . Hirsch radically challenges and elevates the reader to a higher calling with practical exercises. . . . Hirsch brings an exhilarating revelation to the infinite possibilities of the faith community."--Grant F. C. Gillard, YouthWorker Journal

"Alan Hirsch follows up his well-received . . . The Forgotten Ways with this handbook for growing missional churches in our postmodern culture. Teaming with church planter Darryn Altclass, Hirsch tries practically to apply his intriguing ideas. He breaks routine thinking by introducing new church growth vocabulary and delving deeply into the explosive growth of the early church. . . . The authors' ideas are worth the effort. Their goal is to combine back-to-basics evangelism with a stirring of innovation. They put forward a fresh perspective. . . . [The] Forgotten Ways Handbook offers a chance to rethink and then adjust our methods in an effort to return to the simple message of the Gospel."--Mark Finn, Christian Chronicle

"For those of you needing guidance on implementing the theoretical aspects of Alan Hirsch's popular . . . The Forgotten Ways, this follow-up handbook is for you. . . . [The authors offer] practical examples, numerous small group discussion questions, reflection questions, action step guides, and opportunities for personal journaling. . . . Hirsch and Altclass rightly call the Church back to her apostolic nature by providing this helpful practical guide. We need to read and heed their challenge. . . . Read this book, digest its contents, and make application to your setting."--J. D. Payne, Evangelical Missions Quarterly

"The handbook moves beyond the theological foundation built in the original The Forgotten Ways to a place of practice that very little resources provide."--Brad Brisco,