The Divine Dance

If the World is Your Stage, Who Are You Performing For?

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Stop dancing for the world's applause and step into God's studio.

We want to be liked--that's why we put so much energy into pleasing others. Life has become a dance that we perform for others, auditioning for a place in the hearts of everyone we meet. We put our energy into performances to please our parents, friends, teachers, boys--even people we don't know. It's simple: We all desire to be loved and accepted.

But in this busy, complicated world, we should be dancing as we were designed to--for the One who really cares. When the audiences are gone and we take off our masks, that's the part the Director likes best. Away from the alluring lights and demanding crowds, we can know ourselves and God in a powerful, meaningful way. When we realize that the One who matters already loves us, we will flourish in this life that is the Divine Dance.

The Author

  1. Shannon Kubiak Primicerio

    Shannon Kubiak Primicerio

    Shannon Kubiak Primicerio is the author of The Divine Dance, God Called a Girl, and the BEING A GIRL... series. A popular national retreat speaker, Shannon has also been featured in such media outlets as PBS's Religion and Ethics Newsweekly...

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