The Coming Israel Awakening

Gazing into the Future of the Jewish People and the Church

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Discover God's Plan for His Chosen People!

It's a critical hour for both Israel and the Church. From across the world, two parallel movements are gaining momentum among the Jewish people. Many have been returning to Israel, reclaiming it as their homeland, and many more are claiming Jesus as their Messiah. Many believers think we are witnessing the beginning of the glorious, biblically foretold restoration of the Church and Israel and that God is calling us to take our places. But how can we participate in His plan if we don't understand what is happening?

James Goll invites you on an insightful journey deep into God's heart as he shares:

As you peer into God's heart for His beloved, you will discover your place in prayer and cooperative action during this momentous time in history.


"A passionate read! James Goll's perspectives are compelling."
--Che Ahn, senior pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena; founder and president, Harvest International Ministry

"Must reading for those who want to understand and be part of one of the great end-time events in history--the restoration of Israel and the Jewish people. James Goll is a true prophet of God with a divine message that must be heard and heeded."
--Jonathan Bernis, Messianic rabbi; president, Jewish Voice Ministries International

"Many people talk about loving the Jewish people. James Goll puts feet to his talk. God's heart and purpose for Israel are very important subjects for this hour."
--Mike Bickle, director, International House of Prayer, Kansas City, MO

"Simple yet penetrating presentation of God's heart for Israel, this book is written with great prophetic integrity from one who has a proven ministry at the cutting edge of God's purposes in the earth today. Our response will determine future history."
--Colin W. Dye, pastor, Kensington Temple, London City Church, London

"I rejoice over the prayer initiative presented in this book! May God give it wings. Israel gave birth to the Church in the first century; it is the calling of the Church to give birth to Israel in the last days."
--Lars Enarson, president, The Watchman International, Israel

"Here we see God's heart and intentions for the restoration and redemption of Israel and the Jewish people. James Goll issues a clarion call to the Church to participate in God's plan through repentance, intercession and God-directed deeds of righteousness."
--Don Finto, author, Your People Shall Be My People; director, The Caleb Company; pastor emeritus, Belmont Church, Nashville

"Wisdom is calling to the Body of Christ to boldly identify with the nation of Israel, the origin of God's promises. The Coming Israel Awakening will stir you to embrace the place of our spiritual history and ultimate future. Highly recommended!"
--Kingsley A. Fletcher, senior pastor, Life Community Church, Research Triangle Park, NC

"The Coming Israel Awakening is a needed commentary on the past, present and future state of the Jewish people. This book uniquely reveals the vital role the Church plays in working to see God's will accomplished in Israel."
--Francis Frangipane, senior pastor, River of Life Ministries

"With extensive historical information, deep prophetic insight and the passionate heart of an intercessor, James Goll has sounded the shofar, calling forth a people possessed by G-d. In his plea that we seek the heart of the Father concerning the Jewish people and their destiny, Goll warns us not to forget what G-d remembers and challenges us to love the things that He loves--specifically His covenant people, the Jews."
--Marty Goetz, Messianic Jewish recording artist

"As the Church we have a mandate from God to bless Israel (see Genesis 12:3). The problem that leadership faces is how to motivate, instruct and inspire their people to do it. With this book James Goll will put the words in our mouths and an urgency in our hearts."
--Ken Gott, Metro Church, Tyne and Wear, England

"There may be no more important ministry assignment to the Church of the new millennium! Superficial good feelings about Israel and excitement over prophetic events are no substitute for ignited, discerning intercession. Leaders and congregations--let us pray!"
--Jack W. Hayford, president, The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel; founding pastor, The Church On The Way; chancellor, The King's College and Seminary, Van Nuys, CA

"One of the most timely prophetic books I have ever read. If a book like this had been written prior to the Holocaust, history would look a lot different today. Every believer needs to read this book."
--Cindy Jacobs, co-founder, Generals of Intercession

"A challenge to the Church to participate in prayerful intercession and practical support for Israel as God's purposes unfold in these historic times. James Goll sounds a clear and passionate call to all believers to understand the times, so that history can be written in the power and anointing of God."
--Freda Lindsay, co-founder, Christ to the Nations

"James Goll shows us how to pray in the events that will signal a release of the Spirit of God in the earthly realm like we have never seen before. His call to the Church opens the door for Christians to understand and accept their role in the final destiny of Israel and the Jewish people. May the burden of the Lord rest on you in a new way as you read this book."
--Chuck D. Pierce, president, Glory of Zion International

"If you don't read this book, you could miss the prophetic purpose of God for this last generation. With a keen understanding of the strategic importance of the Jew in God's plan, James Goll locates and places missing pieces of the prophetic puzzle. Important reading for this final hour!"
--Sid Roth, president, Messianic Vision; host, It's Supernatural! TV

"Enlightenment to the Church regarding the severe and appalling persecution of Jews by Christians through the ages. James Goll calls for heartfelt repentance and intercessory prayer accompanied by active deeds of love. This call to awaken is especially urgent and may close forever unless God's people respond."
--John Sandford, co-founder, Elijah House International

"James Goll walks us through the miraculous fulfillment of God's promises for a second great Exodus. This is an exciting challenge to believers everywhere to take a radical stand on the side of God's chosen people."
--Dutch Sheets, author, Intercessory Prayer; senior pastor, Freedom Church, Colorado Springs

"James Goll writes with passion, clarity and purpose as he unfolds God's desire for the Church to stand in the gap for the Jewish people. This book stirred and challenged me. Please read this powerful, timely book today!"
--Alice Smith, executive director, U.S. Prayer Center

"Do you want to be close to the heart of God? Then get close to the things that are next to God's heart. Few can blow the trumpet of intercession like James Goll. The Coming Israel Awakening directs you into the purpose of God for Israel and the Jewish people. Read it and act!"
--Tommy Tenney, author, The God Chasers and God's Dream Team

"Critical reading for this prophetic hour. It not only imparts God's passion for the Jewish people, but unveils key historical perspectives and strategic direction for the Church's role in this future, last days awakening. Thank God He has spoken to us through James Goll."
--Sandra Teplinsky, Light of Zion Ministries,, author, Why Care About Israel? and Israel's Anointing

"A prophetic call to intercession for the Jewish people at this strategic moment in time. James Goll does a marvelous job of tracing anti-Semitism and the plight of the Jewish people down through the ages. May the history books record the breaking of an anti-Semitic spirit by a Church that demonstrates the life of the Messiah!"
--Barbara Wentroble, author, You Are Anointed

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    James W. Goll

    Dr. James W. Goll is the founder of God Encounters Ministries ( and the author of more than 30 books and 20 Bible study guides. He has shared the love of Jesus in more than 50 nations, teaching and imparting the power of intercession,...

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