The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History

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From Nero's burning of Rome to the twentieth-century charismatic renewal, this book highlights in journalistic style Christian history's most significant events.

The Authors

  1. A. Kenneth Curtis

    A. Kenneth Curtis

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  2. J. Stephen Lang

    J. Stephen Lang

    J. Stephen Lang is the author of nearly thirty books, including the extremely successful Complete Book of Bible Trivia, which has sold over 600,000 copies.

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  3. Randy Petersen

    Randy Petersen

    Randy Petersen has written about thirty books and coauthored the two popular devotional books One Year Book of Psalms and One Year Book of Hymns with his father, William J. Petersen. He lives in Westville, New Jersey.

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"By the end of [the] book, readers will have firmly established pillars upon which to set a historical frame of reference and general knowledge. . . . [An] excellent starting point for anyone who wants a good, basic overview of church history from the apostolic era to the 20th century."--The Biblical Booklist (December 1998)