Staying Power

Building a Stronger Marriage When Life Sends Its Worst

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Too often, when a life crisis hits, a marriage suffers--even a healthy one--and all the personality profiles and couples' therapy in the world won't keep your marriage from experiencing the tough stuff. So how do you and your spouse face the stresses put on your marriage and not only stay together but come out on the other side even more loving and committed?

In Staying Power, two longtime couples offer insights, skills, and clear direction so that you can respond to trials in a way that strengthens rather than weakens your marriage. They show you how to

- handle anger creatively, forgive freely, and persevere together
- nurture one another in powerful ways
- learn new techniques for connecting both verbally and nonverbally in the midst of crisis
- and much more

Don't let financial trouble, infertility, health challenges, parenting cares, addiction of a loved one, or heartbreaking loss destroy your marriage. Instead, learn how through your strong relationship you can overcome all of life's curveballs--together.


"Even the healthiest marriage can face the shell shock of an unexpected challenge that life throws at us from outside the relationship. Unemployment. Parenting struggles. Death. The unimaginable. Long-married couples Gene and Carol Kent and David and Cindy Lambert know well the churned-up waters of such storms. Staying Power offers insights, skills, and clear direction that equip a couple to respond to trials in a way that strengthens their marriage. Rather than being torn apart, couples can discover how to move forward together and build staying power into their marriages." 

Elisa Morgan, speaker; author, The Prayer Coin, The Beauty of Broken, and Hello, Beauty Full; cohost, Discover the Word,

"Looking for the superglue that can hold your love together when life tries to pull you apart? Want a shelter from the storm you and your mate find yourselves in? Do you desire to grow stronger, closer, more intimate in your marriage year after year? The Kents and Lamberts have lived and loved through some of life's most difficult circumstances yet are stronger, more resilient, closer, and more in love, and you can be too! Staying Power is the GPS directing you to long-lasting love."

Pam and Bill Farrel, codirectors of, authors of bestselling Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti and Red-Hot Monogamy

"Marriage isn't always easy, and in today's 'disposable' society we throw relationships away too easily when life gets hard. There's another way, though, and that way is discussed in the pages of this book. If you're ready to let the pain in your life give fresh purpose to your marriage, dig in and let the Kents and the Lamberts show you the way."

Mark and Jill Savage, authors of No More Perfect Marriages,

"This powerful book is, in a word, real. No simple platitudes or pat answers here. You'll find real people filled with real emotions sharing real situations and offering real solutions. Every pastor, counselor, teacher, and therapist needs this resource on their shelves. The crisis helpsheets alone are a gold mine of information. Even happily married, no-problems-at-our-house couples should read Staying Power for the many practical ideas for strengthening communication skills with your spouse. And for any couple going through life's most difficult trials, this is the read you need right now. You won't find wiser, more compassionate friends than Carol, Gene, Cindy, and Dave. Their sound, biblical direction will help you and your marriage partner press through the hard times and emerge stronger than ever. Whatever unexpected challenge has landed on your doorstep, Staying Power has the answers you've been looking for."

Liz Curtis Higgs, bestselling author of Bad Girls of the Bible

"When the loss of a child or some other crisis jolts your life and rocks your marriage, this book will become your personal page-turner, showing you how you and your mate can pull together not only to survive but to thrive."

Linda Evans Shepherd, author of When You Need to Move a Mountain

"All couples will struggle with crises that are not of their making and are beyond their control, but not all will survive. In Staying Power the Kents and Lamberts give invaluable tools to not only survive a crisis but thrive in the relationship. By not ignoring the land mines that can blow up a marriage but strategically disarming them, Staying Power shows us how to maneuver the unfamiliar terrain of uncertainty that comes with a crisis and grow stronger through it. The stories will encourage you. The practical helps will empower you. A must-read book for all couples."

Sharon Jaynes, bestselling author of Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe and Lovestruck

"How I wish we had this unique book on marriage some years ago when we had a series of crises! Life happens to all of us in one way or another, but through intention and understanding, we can choose to grow closer instead of letting life tear us apart. This unique book shows us how. The Kents and Lamberts write with gracious authority, as they have been there. Out of their experiences, they have written a wise and helpful book to offer insightful strategies for real-life couples on how to stay together when the world throws its worst at them. What a fabulous and helpful book for your own marriage or to give as a gift to a couple who needs its message of staying power."

Bill and Nancie Carmichael, authors of Lord, Bless My Child; Lord, Bless This Marriage; Habits of a Healthy Home; and The Unexpected Power of Home

"We team-teach at writers' conferences all across the country. Life crises do not take a break while you're on the road. These crises can either tear your marriage apart or knit you together. The Kents and Lamberts give us hope that we are not marital frauds; we're just flawed partners committed to Christ and to each other."

Suzanne and Shawn Kuhn, Brookstone Creative Group

"This book needs to be in the hands of every married couple and of those considering marriage. Life is difficult and marriage is complicated. Gene and Carol Kent and Dave and Cindy Lambert have written a masterpiece for couples! Filled with practical principles as well as authentic stories, this book will show you exactly how to discover staying power in your marriage."

Steve and Becky Harling, international conference speakers and authors of Listen Well, Lead Better

The Authors

  1. Carol Kent
    © Malcolm Yawn

    Carol Kent

    Carol and Gene Kent are the founders of Speak Up Ministries, which includes Speak Up Speaker Services, a Christian speakers' bureau; Speak Up Conferences, equipping the next generation of speakers and writers; and Speak Up for Hope, a nonprofit organization...

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  2. Gene Kent
    © Malcolm Yawn

    Gene Kent

    Carol and Gene Kent are the founders of Speak Up Ministries, which includes Speak Up Speaker Services, a Christian speakers' bureau; Speak Up Conferences, equipping the next generation of speakers and writers; and Speak Up for Hope, a nonprofit organization...

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  3. Cindy Lambert
    Malcolm Yawn

    Cindy Lambert

    Cindy Lambert is a freelance writer and executive editor for Baker Publishing Group. For nearly two decades she owned an award-winning bookstore before expanding into leadership roles in distribution, editorial with such companies as Ingram, Simon &...

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  4. David Lambert
    Malcolm Yawn

    David Lambert

    Cindy and David Lambert have been influencing the Christian publishing world for decades, both as editors and as authors, having authored more than 20 books between them. They have six children and nine grandchildren and love to launch their kayaks together...

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