Same-Sex Partnerships?

A Christian Perspective

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No moral issue stirs up the church more than that of homosexuality. In Same-Sex Partnerships? John Stott calls readers to separate emotion and fear from conviction.

A revised and updated chapter from Stott's Decisive Issues Facing Christians Today, this book reviews four clusters of biblical texts bearing on homosexuality together with their contemporary challenges. Stott then sensitively responds to five principal arguments advanced in favor of same-sex partnerships, addresses the AIDS epidemic, and concludes with a plea for Christian compassion toward the homosexual individual.

Stott asks, Is there a Christian way to combine biblical thinking about God's intention for human sexuality with an equally biblical attitude of understanding, respect, and support for persons with a homosexual disposition? Fair and compassionate, Stott provides biblical answers to that question.

Parents, youth leaders, and pastors will find in this book thoughtful insight into what the Bible says about same-sex partnerships.


"Focused, biblically sound, and in the warm yet firm tradition of John Stott. The evangelical world needs this mature and timely word about same-sex partnerships."
--James V. Heidinger II, president and publisher of Good News, United Methodist Church

"A most helpful guide for those seeking to obey the will of God in the midst of divisive controversy; a most encouraging resource for those wishing to express the redeeming love of God."
--The Rt. Rev. Alden M. Hathaway, retired Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburgh

"A brief, readable, and compassionate defense of biblical sexual standards, along with a call to the church for a more sacrificial and loving ministry to homosexual persons. It is both convicting and encouraging, offering wisdom and grace."
--Diane Knippers, president, The Institute on Religion and Democracy

The Author

  1. John Stott

    John Stott

    John Stott (1921-2011) was an internationally acclaimed London-based preacher and scholar. His many works include Basic Christianity, What Christ Thinks of the Church, and Through the Bible, Through the Year.

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"A sane and even handed treatment that will bring light, rather than heat, to this controversial issue."--Reformation & Revival (Ministry Resources 1999 Supplement)

"Same-Sex Partnerships? is, as is to be expected from the pen of Dr. Stott, clearly written, balanced, and biblical. ... We recommend Same-Sex Partnerships? to you."--Critique (1998)