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Praise for the novels of Shawn Smucker

"Mesmerizing."--Foreword Reviews on The Edge of Over There

"Enthralling."--Publishers Weekly on The Edge of Over There

"Visionary."--Family Fiction on The Day the Angels Fell

When Cohen Marah steps over his father's body in the basement embalming room of the family's funeral home, he has no idea that he is stepping into a labyrinth of memory.

Over the next week, Cohen's childhood comes back in living color. The dramatic events that led to his parents' separation. The accident Cohen witnessed and the traumatic images he couldn't unsee. And the two children in the forest who became his friends--and enlisted him in a dark and dangerous undertaking. As the lines blur between what was real and what was imaginary, Cohen is faced with the question he's been avoiding:

Is he responsible for his father's death?

Master story weaver Shawn Smucker relays a tale both eerie and enchanting, one that will have you questioning reality and reaching out for what is true, good, and genuine.

Shawn Smucker
is the author of the award-winning young adult novels The Day the Angels Fell and The Edge of Over There, as well as the memoir Once We Were Strangers. He lives with his wife and six children in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You can find him online at

The Author

  1. Shawn Smucker
    Photo by: John Sanderson of Sanderson Images

    Shawn Smucker

    Shawn Smucker is the award-winning author of Light from Distant Stars and These Nameless Things, the young adult novels The Day the Angels Fell and The Edge of Over There, and the memoir Once We Were Strangers. He lives with...

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Praise for The Edge of Over There

"The Edge of Over There is a mesmerizing, menacing fantasy. Shawn Smucker fuses New Orleans lore, Christian themes, and dystopian landscapes in a thorough exploration of love and its unintended results."--Foreword Reviews

"Blending biblical elements and urban myths, Smucker creates an enthralling story of supernatural battles between the forces of good and evil."--Publishers Weekly

Praise for The Day the Angels Fell

"Neil Gaiman meets Madeleine L'Engle. I read it in two days!"--Anne Bogel, Modern Mrs. Darcy

"Shawn Smucker enchants with a deftly woven tale of mystery and magic that will leave you not only spellbound but wanting more."--Billy Coffey, author of There Will Be Stars

"The otherworldly and the mundane collide in Shawn Smucker's The Day the Angels Fell, a humanizing tale of cosmic proportions."--Foreword Reviews

"Unique, supernatural, and a twist on a tale we have all heard!"

"The Day the Angels Fell has a nostalgic feel that reminded me of Ray Bradbury's works."--Ashlee Cowles, author of Beneath Wandering Stars and Below Northern Lights

"Visionary."--Family Fiction

"A compelling tale of family and faith with a paranormal twist. . . . A tense novel exploring the breadth and limitations of loyalty, forgiveness, and faith. Light from Distant Stars is a memorable dive into the human psyche."

Foreword Reviews

"Smucker takes readers on a man's faith journey, reconciling his past with his present and reckoning with his views on God in the midst of life's hurdles. Told with elements of magical realism, Smucker's take on visionary fiction is an immersive reading experience."




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