How Do You Tuck In a Superhero?

And Other Delightful Mysteries of Raising Boys

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When Rachel Balducci looks for material for her writing, she doesn't have to look far. Her subject matter can be found climbing through the window, hanging on to the edge of the roof, and rummaging through the refrigerator. Here she chronicles the exuberant, awesome life of boys through bizarre conversations overheard, unbelievable rules she's been forced to make, and the many episodes of boy behavior that continue to mystify mothers worldwide. From the care and feeding of her team, to travels out in public, to their wide-eyed adoration of Chuck Norris, this laugh-out-loud celebration joyfully explores the sweetly wild side of boyhood.


"I went to look for my copy of How Do You Tuck In a Superhero? and could not find it. That was because my sons had gotten their hands on it. They were reading it aloud and alternately gasping with appreciation and doubling over with laughter at Rachel Balducci's vivid descriptions of her joy-filled, boy-filled life. In this gem of a book, Rachel gives us the gift of a glimpse of her world. There we find edible toys, toothbrush avoidance, advanced weaponry, appliance abuse, and a whole lot of love. It's a field guide, a memoir, a mystery, and a love letter all in one. Everyone who is a boy or who loves boys will find something familiar, something hilarious, something awe-inspiring, and something to love."--Danielle Bean, mother of eight; editorial director, Faith & Family; author, My Cup of Tea and Mom to Mom, Day to Day

"This book is a celebration of boyhood in all its glory."--Dr. Kevin Leman, author, Have a New Kid by Friday

"Rachel Balducci's tales from life in a house full of boys are as warm as they are funny. Her honesty, wit, and insightfulness combine to make How Do You Tuck In a Superhero? a true delight to read. I'm recommending it to all my friends with sons."--Jennifer Fulwiler, author of

"The best audience for Balducci's book might be those who are most unlike her--people with one child, or people with daughters. Or even people who have no children, but are curious about those who do. Balducci is, first and foremost, a reporter, recounting the internal workings of a family that includes five children, all of them boys. She watches them--and herself--carefully, and remains humble before the truth of her (earthy) experience. She loves the world she inhabits, but includes no strident advocacy in her account of it, relying instead on gentle revelation and a generous dose of humor."--Matthew Lickona, author, Swimming with Scapulars

"With wit and insight, author and supermom Rachel Balducci gives readers a peek into living life in a home filled with boys. Funny, heartwarming, edifying, and always uplifting, Rachel shares her joy for parenting in a way that will inspire you to be a better wife and mom. Rachel Balducci is the 'cool mom,' the best friend, and the confidante you are looking for when things start to get a little crazy around your home. She teaches us that family life, with all of its ups and downs, is truly one of life's greatest gifts."--Lisa M. Hendey, author, The Handbook for Catholic Moms; founder,

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  1. Rachel Balducci

    Rachel Balducci

    Rachel Balducci is a writer and the mother of five lively boys and one darling girl. Her website,, has been nominated for several awards and chronicles her crazy life.

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