Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse, Repackaged Edition

A Sensitive Biblical Guide for Counselors, Victims, and Families

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How do we minister to victims of sexual abuse? It's a difficult problem for Christian communities. This solidly biblical and sensitive guide is packed full of helpful information that provides a valuable perspective on how abuse affects children and the family dynamics that play into its development. As well, readers will also discover practical tools that can lead adult victims into full recovery in Christ. Required reading for everyone who wants to bring meaningful ministry to those affected by sexual abuse.


"Heitritter and Vought have done the Christian community an enormous service by demonstrating the extent of the problem in the local church and by providing practical, tested strategies for ministry with survivors. This should be required reading for pastors, lay leaders and others who interact with victims of sexual abuse."
--Dale S. Ryan, Director, Fuller Institute for Recovery Ministry
CEO, Christian Recovery International

"Heitritter and Vought have given the Christian community one of the most comprehensive, practical, and Christ-centered volumes available on this painful subject. This truly is a must read for pastors as well as for professional and lay care-givers of any kind. I recommend it highly."
--Sandra D. Wilson., PhD., Seminary professor, retired family therapist, and author of Released From Shame and Into Abba's Arms.

The Authors

  1. Lynn Heitritter

    Lynn Heitritter

    Lynn Heitritter, RN, PhD, has been a faculty associate in Marriage and Family Studies at Bethel Theological Seminary and was the founder and former director of BECOMERS Sexual Abuse Support Group Program. Together with her family, she has provided licensed...

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  2. Jeanette Vought

    Jeanette Vought

    Jeanette Vought, PhD, is founder and executive director of Christian Recovery Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A licensed practicing marriage and family therapist, she has extensive experience in counseling, social work, and group home coordinating. She and...

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