Healing the Nations

A Call to Global Intercession

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Generational strongholds. Individual addictions. Ethnic cleansing. Racial prejudice. Family turmoil. The world is hurting, but God's people have the answers for healing. 

According to 2 Chronicles 7:14, Christians have not only the calling but the authority to heal nations around the world. In his discussion of the biblical ramifications of healing and what the Bible means by nations, John Sandford challenges a strategic group of believers called by God to heal the nations--and explains how this can be done.


"We have entered a remarkable season in which Christian reconcilers like myself and Desmond Tutu give talks at Harvard University on healing nations. How did this happen? It began years ago when authors like John Sandford pioneered biblical methods of ministering restoration to wounded people. The wisdom of God works at all levels and now this spiritual father has given us a treasure of explicit teaching that speaks to the corporate personality of nations and peoples."--John Dawson, founder, International Reconciliation Coalition

"This book is a call for praying people to catch the Father's heart, to arise and stand between destiny and destruction. This is not a position without conflict, and this is not a book without controversy, but only immaturity disdains questions. In this book John Sandford boldly asks and courageously answers some of the significant questions of our time. You may not agree with John's answer, but you will agree, 'That's a good question, I'll pray about it.' And that's exactly what John wants you to do."
--Tommy Tenney, founder, GodChasers.network; speaker; author, The God Chasers

"John Sandford has done it again. Healing the Nations is a provacative and convicting call for us as the Body of Christ to fight with wisdom and understanding for the Kingdom of God to come on earth as it is in heaven. If you really take the time to think through the premises John espouses in this book, it will transform not only your prayer life but your lifestyle."
--John Paul Jackson, Streams Ministries International

"This timely book will enable you to keep the scriptural mandate to 'despise not prophesyings. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good' (1 Thessalonians 5:20-21). This is a much-needed work."--John Arnott, senior pastor, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship

The Author

  1. John Loren Sandford

    John Loren Sandford

    John Loren Sandford is co-founder of Elijah House Ministries, an international ministry established in 1975 that teaches the principles of repentance and forgiveness while highlighting the power of Jesus' death and resurrection. John is considered a pioneer in...

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