Facing Goliath

How a Man Overcomes His Giants to Follow Christ

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Overcome giants and experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

When it comes to their spiritual journey, many men feel defeated. Hindered by 'giants' they stand motionless feeling like wimps instead of warriors. Whether they feel intimidated, unmotivated, or just downright out of touch with what it means to pursue a relationship with God, Facing Goliath offers help to every man who wants to overcome his giants and experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Addressing topics like intellectual doubt, fear, pride, and selfishness, men will find practical steps to discovering the answers to questions, of faith, salvation, and spiritual growth. This discipleship game plan will help men learn Christian essentials in a way that appeals to those who are seeking what it means to be a follower of Jesus and those who have already found Jesus and want to grow.


"Whenever I'm around J. P. Jones, I'm always struck by two traits: faithfulness and consistency. He is faithful in his teaching of truth, faithful to his family, and faithful in building men who can in turn build other men. J. P.'s compass, his true North, is consistently teaching and implementing the truth of Christ. I've been with him and his men on many occasions, and they are attempting to live out the truths in this book. They are just a bunch of broken guys who are facing up to their junk and following the Lord every day. It's called discipleship."

Steve Farrar, president, Men's Leadership Ministries; author, Point Man, Finishing Strong, Battle Ready, and True Valor

"In Facing Goliath, J. P. Jones writes about the fact that every man slugs it out daily with his enemy in the spiritual battle. I appreciate J. P.'s humor, candor, man-to-man style, and biblical advice about winning the fight. Facing Goliath will help every man recognize the Goliaths in his path and will give him the tools to be victorious and press on in his pursuit of God. Facing Goliath is a biblical message given by a real man!"

Jake Ellenberger, UFC fighter, Top Contender, Welterweight Division, Ultimate Fighting Championships

"We all will face our Goliaths. My friend J. P. has written a much-needed encouragement and exhortation that you might say is 'for men only.' J. P. Jones is candid, humorous, and, most importantly, draws significant truths straight from Scripture."

Greg Laurie, evangelist, Harvest Crusade; senior pastor, Harvest Christian Fellowship

"J. P. is a man's man who writes with keen insight into the world of men. He understands the struggles of leading a business, a church, and a home. J. P. writes with firm conviction and biblical truth. The contemporary areas discussed in this book will provide valuable insights into integrating biblical truth with real-life struggles faced by all men. Facing Goliath lays out a clear path for a man to defeat his giants and press on toward the goal of knowing Christ."

Dr. Michael Anthony, president, Hume Lake Christian Camp and Ministries; professor, Biola University and Talbot Seminary; author of Moving On, Moving Forward

"J. P. Jones has the rare ability to get inside the mind of men. In Facing Goliath, he tackles important issues of a man's life with truth, bluntness, and practicality. Few people in the world can communicate as effectively on the tough issues and struggles relating to men as J. P. Facing Goliath is a must-read for men who want to win the battles in their lives. There is life-changing wisdom on every page and truth to set men free."

Jim Burns, president, HomeWord; author, Creating an Intimate Marriage and Confident Parenting

"Facing Goliath is a must-read for every man. It is truly a brilliant piece of work! This book will be my go-to guide for my men's ministry for many years to come. Pastor J. P. has done an outstanding job in treating men's real issues with an amazing synergy of scriptural depth and real-life stories--something to which every man can relate. This is a compelling read that I have recommended to many colleagues! Finally, an amazing all-around, gospel-centered tool for every man!"

Andrea Giorgi, senior pastor, Chiesa Evangelica Church, Florence-Italy; director, Logos Seminary ;country director, Agape, Italia-Campus Crusade for Christ International

"I love the story of David and Goliath and how it parallels the life of a man of God today! God is calling men to step up and not only lead their families but also their churches, their workplaces, and wherever God has them. I particularly love the story of when David ran to the battlefield because he knew he would find God there. Through David's talents, gifts, and abilities, he was created to serve God and defeat the giant that was in his life. Facing Goliath is a reminder to men to give their battles to the Lord. I would challenge any man of God to read this book and defeat the giants that are in his life!"

Mark Munoz, two-time All American wrestler, Oklahoma State University; UFC fighter, ranked #5 in the world of mixed martial arts

"J. P. has crafted a book that calls men to face the Goliaths in their lives, whether that is doubt, fear, lust, or anger, and as he writes, the Gospel is unveiled. With discussion questions at the end of each chapter, Facing Goliath is a tremendous study for all men's groups and for individuals, wherever they are in their spiritual journeys. I will use this book time and time again in the years to come."

Dave Burns, director of adult ministries, Mount Hermon Conference Center

"Few men I have had the privilege of knowing have 'run to the battle' with the ferocity of J. P. Jones. His real strength is not a result of his time in the gym, but is derived from his deep affection for and allegiance to Jesus Christ. For more than 30 years, I have watched him run to the battle as a great father, husband, missionary, pastor, and church planter. But I've also watched him run to the battle when little seemed clear and when dreams appeared to be dashed on the rocks. When his Goliath looked huge, he picked up stones to face it. Facing Goliath is a book for every man, written by a man who's lived it. Read it, and then choose your stones."

Steve Osborn, men's pastor, Evangelical Free Church, Fullerton, California; adjunct professor, Biola University

"Facing Goliath is a tactical operations manual for the spiritual battles we are subjected to as men. The enemy is a master of asymmetric warfare. We are at war--and the devil does not fight fair. J. P.'s revelation and application of the power of the gospel can help us overcome the giants we face--giants that reveal themselves in a variety of forms. J. P. exposes them and provides a means of employing the appropriate tactics that can lead to victory. It is time we honor the words of our Savior, put on our battle armor and run to the fight!"

Lieutenant Jason Park, Orange County Sheriff's Department, SWAT Team

"Facing Goliath is real and relevant. J. P. Jones understands men and the world in which we live. He provides biblical solutions to common challenges. Every man needs to read and apply this book."

Steve Reynolds, pastor; author, Bod4God and Get Off the Couch

"War heroes are memorialized in statues and named in parkways, and their stories are retold in textbooks and chronicled in movies. Men were made to be heroes, but no one falls into victory--it takes a leap of faith. In Facing Goliath, J. P. Jones challenges men to take that leap with their eyes wide open. Every man will face his battles, and most will retreat from the front rather than learn the strategies given by God to win. Don't concede defeat--use the insights found in this book to become the hero God made you to be! I recommend Facing Goliath to any man who aspires to victorious living."

Bob Shank, founder/CEO, The Master's Program; author, LifeMastery

"Finally--a book on biblical truth written with testosterone! Set against the backdrop of David's heroic first-round knockout of Goliath, men can now see it for what it really was: not merely a man battling a giant, but a man full of faith battling the biggest, baddest obstacle of his era. Smartly, and with Y-chromosome, J. P. carries us into the same battlefield, arming us with a time-honored battle plan and foxhole adjustments to take down the biggest giants of our era. All the time, he reminds us that 'the battle is the Lord's.'"

Ron Walters, senior vice president, Ministry Relations, Salem Communications

"A book is as good as its author. In the 30-plus years I have known J. P. Jones, my best and closest friend, I can honestly say that what he has to offer comes from the depth of his character before the Lord. This talk about fighting the spiritual battle and winning it has been brewing in his life for years. He's lived it, taught it, and knows it. Now we all get to read of his richest discoveries about walking victoriously with the Christ."

Todd Wendorff, senior pastor, River Community Church; author, Life Together series and Every Man series

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    J. P. Jones

    J. P. Jones is the senior pastor of Crossline Community Church, a congregation of over 2,000 and an adjunct professor of biblical studies and theology at Biola University. J.P. pioneered the men's ministry at Coast Hills Community Church, which grew to over...

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