Every Knee Shall Bow

series: Constantine’s Empire

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The year is AD 316. Imperial persecution has officially ended. For the first time in history, the Roman emperor supports the church. But the fledgling faith's future still hangs in the balance.

Flavia, a Roman senator's daughter, is sent from her convent by Bishop Sylvester to seek Emperor Constantine's permission to determine the canon of Scripture and build great churches where pagan temples once stood. But God's enemies are on the move, and the path to the bishop's goals is fraught with peril.

Flavia's beloved protector, Germanic barbarian Brandulf Rex, has fought his way out of exile. He and Flavia will cross the empire by land and sea on this epic quest to free the Roman people from the tyranny of the ancient gods.

Will the early Christians receive the Word of God? Will beautiful churches rise in Rome where pagan temples once stood? Or will the world's greatest empire keep refusing to bow the knee to its true and rightful Lord?

Praise for The Conqueror

"A deftly crafted and fully absorbing novel by an author who is an especially skilled storyteller."--Midwest Book Review

"I thoroughly enjoy a well-researched novel concerning ancient Rome and Litfin did not disappoint. The Conqueror is filled with rich Roman history and lush tidbits of the early church in Rome. If you're a fan of this time period and history, it will definitely need to find a way to your bookshelf."--Write-Read-Life

"Entertaining and overall well-done. Litfin gives readers an enjoyable and thought-provoking story with relevant theological themes."--Evangelical Church Library

"With an eye for detail and an engaging fictional story, Dr. Bryan Litfin makes history come alive. If you've ever wondered what life was like for early believers, you will love The Conqueror."--Chris Fabry, author and radio host

"A wonderful mix of excellence in storytelling and keen insight into the setting's historical context. This is what you get when a historian crosses over the authorial divide into the world of fiction."--Benjamin K. Forrest, author and professor

The Author

  1. Bryan Litfin

    Bryan Litfin

    Bryan Litfin is the author of The Conqueror and Every Knee Shall Bow, as well as several works of nonfiction, including Wisdom from the AncientsEarly Christian Martyr StoriesAfter Acts, and Getting...

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"Bristling with tension and undergirded by impeccable historical research, this tale of courage, defiance, and humble submission to God continues the captivating saga of two unlikely allies in the age of imperial Christianity."

Inspirational Historical Fiction Index

"Fast-paced, with plenty of adventure and intrigue. . . . the story will fascinate fans of drama and history."

Compass Book Ratings

"If you've read the first book in this series, then you will enjoy the continued adventures of Rex and Flavia. . . . Litfin dives deep into research to set up accurate portrayals of the time period as well as supporting historical characters. If you like this type of history (as I do), then you will enjoy sitting down and spending some time with this book."