Courageous Influence

Embrace the Way God Made You for Impact

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Discover how God made you for impact

"You are a woman of influence."

In our social media-saturated world, the word influencer conjures up images of speakers onstage and beautifully curated Instagram feeds. We measure our influence by likes and shares and followers, by how well we can get people to imitate us. Influence is often synonymous with fame, and if we're being honest, many of us long to have it.

But at its purest, influence is simply the capacity to effect change in someone. Wherever we are, with whatever gifts and skills God has given us, we can influence others. Join (in)courage on the journey of living the impact you were made to have. Courageous Influence is a six-week Bible study that will help you

· understand that you can have influence right where you are, regardless of platform or position
· learn to be a person of integrity with your influence so that your impact is an overflow of God's work in you
· explore how you can be generous and intentional with your influence, because what you do now can have impact for generations to come

Let's turn the world's idea of influence on its head and become the courageous women of influence God calls us to be.

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