Building on the Rock

Understanding the Gospel and Living It Out

series: Journey to Freedom

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What is your heart crying out for? Is it healing from despair, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness, anger, chronic illness, or not feeling that there is even a reason to live? This powerful book will take you on a journey of hope and open your eyes to see God at work in your life.

In this foundational work, Ellel Ministries founder and international director Peter Horrobin teaches you the basis of faith and helps you learn to walk in deep healing, restoration, and freedom. You will learn how to establish strong faith to prepare you for the marvelous journey God has planned for the rest of your life. Let the pain of your struggles be reshaped into a beautiful story of life transformation by the God who cares zealously for you!

The Author

  1. Peter Horrobin

    Peter Horrobin

    Peter Horrobin is the founder and international director of Ellel Ministries ( There are now more than thirty Ellel centers throughout the world. Each center provides training courses, schools, and opportunities for personal prayer...

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