Beginning Biblical Hebrew

A Grammar and Illustrated Reader

series: Learning Biblical Hebrew

Materials available for professors by request only


Greetings, professor!

We have a number of items available to help you use Beginning Biblical Hebrew in the classroom.

Our digital instructor materials (request access here) include:

  • 14 sample quizzes
  • 2 sample exams and answer keys
  • 2 sets of lesson plans
  • Jonah reader (student and instructor versions)

How to get a print instructor’s manual
Beginning Biblical Hebrew is accompanied by a full-color printed instructor’s manual, which includes the entire text of Beginning Biblical Hebrew, plus marginal notes with pedagogical suggestions and answers to exercises. Professors in the U.S. who adopt Beginning Biblical Hebrew are eligible to receive an instructor’s manual courtesy of Baker Academic. Email with your course information to receive a copy.

Icon vocabulary cards
Linked at the bottom of this page are several PDFs with Hebrew vocabulary and matching visual icons. The cards are numbered, and there is a PDF for one, four, and nine cards per page. Also below is a PDF document with the vocabulary broken down by chapter, with the numbers corresponding to the cards on the PDFs listed. The PDFs can be printed out and cut into cards for in-class exercises (such as Hebrew "Go Fish!") or used as discussion aids.

Student resources
We also offer student study aids such as flash cards and audio files. Click here to browse these resources.

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