Kathy Helgemo
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Kathy Helgemo

Kathy Helgemo started out as an English teacher after graduating from Florida State University, moved through various other jobs, and landed in her current one as a freelance writer from home. She blogs with Melinda at www.motheringfromscratch.com. Her blog posts have been featured on thesitsgirls.com, the Women of Faith website, and Parent Society's Mommy Blog Hot List.

Her husband, Ben, is a pediatrician who can't stop wearing paisley shirts and playing around like a kid all day. He faithfully brings her coffee every morning to kickstart her creativity. Kathy mothers four kids ranging in age from early twenties to middle school. Some would rather she stop. With three boys and one girl, she has tackled many issues confronting moms--from breastfeeding to prom. She lives with her family in Port Charlotte, Florida.

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Books by Kathy Helgemo

  1. Mothering from Scratch

    Mothering from Scratch

    Jan 2015